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Hulu, the streaming TV service, has launched its first ever Creative Partner Program. The program is designed to help small and medium sized businesses build ads for streaming TV.

Hulu Creative Partner Program for Small Business

Placing ads on Hulu can help small businesses reach highly targeted audiences. In July 2020, the streaming platform launched a “self-service” tool to make it easier for small businesses to buy ads. The Hulu Ad Manager makes it easier for small businesses to reach target audiences. It achieves this through basing audiences on more granular data, including demographics and location. Audience goals are set based on small businesses’ budgets and number of impressions.

Hulu’s newly launched Creative Partner Program is aimed at helps SMEs get the most our of ads placed on the service.

The resource provides small businesses with access to partners who are specifically trained in developing the most effective Hulu ads. By tapping into expertise in creating unique ads, the program will help SMEs in all stages of the advertising process.

Faye Trapani, Director, Self-Service Platform Sales, notes how the program is designed to help small businesses optimize Hulu ads:

“At Hulu, we want to help small-and-medium sized businesses (SMBs) build the best ads for streaming TV — ads that engage audiences in a streaming environment and meet the same high quality standards as the content viewers are streaming.

“That’s why we have launched the Creative Partner Program for small-and-medium sized businesses. Whether an advertiser is repurposing an existing video for streaming TV or “baking from scratch,” the Creative Partner Program is a resource designed to offer SMBs access to creative partners who are specially trained in Hulu best practices, and have expertise creating unique, non-templated ads for smaller businesses at all stages of the advertising creative process,” Trapani writes on the company blog.

Creating High-Quality and Visually Engaging Ads

Hulu’s creative partners provide small businesses with creative solutions through a range of production options and prices. Every partner connected to the scheme recruits a network of experts experienced in working with small businesses. The teams work together to create high-quality and visually engaging ads primed for premium streaming TV.

The Creative Partner Program current features four partners. QuickFrame supports projects from start to finish and crafts ads optimized for Hulu. VidMob enables marketers to produce high-quality ads to a business’s schedule. Shuttlerock create TV-ready ads from a company’s existing brand assets. Genero’s platform connects a business to a global network of professional creatives.

Intuitive Technology Platforms

Each partner is equipped with intuitive technology platforms. The platforms can be modified and tailored to navigate the unique creative production requirement processes for individual businesses. The process runs from brief to delivery.

At time of business uncertainty and tough competition, the Creative Partner Program could prove invaluable for small businesses. Utilizing the talents of professionals trained in Hulu best practices, will help SMEs bring their creative ad to life. The program will make sure creative ads are primed for premium streaming TV.



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