Humanscale Offers Ergonomic Services to Employees and Freelancers Working from Home

Humanscale Ergonomic Furniture

Working from home may be more than a trend. Many Americans may be calling home their workplace long into the future. As of April 2020, 66% of employees were working from home. And all those people may be developing poor habits situated at their desk.

For the many businesses and professionals, new remote working practices look set to be made long-term. To ensure the comfort, wellbeing and productivity of homeworkers, the style and design of home workspaces have never been so important.

Humanscale Ergonomic Furniture

Developed in response to the surge in remote working, Humanscale, designers of ergonomic office furniture, has launched a series of services to improve home office environments.

Setting Up a Comfortable Home Office is Essential for Wellbeing and Productivity

Having a comfortable, well-designed, well-lit and functional home office is essential for remote employee well-being and productivity. With more and more people working from home, the design of homeworking setups has been pushed into the spotlight.

As Humanscale writes,“With the unprecedented and rapid shift to home-based working, new health and wellness challenges have emerged which requires new strategies and innovations. Humanscale’s team of board-certified professional ergonomists has formulated a multi-tiered approach aimed at preserving the health and wellness of your “Work from Home” employee population.”

ErgolQ: Online Self-Assessment

Humanscale’s ergonomic home office services include the ErgolQ: Online Self-Assessment. This web-based self-assessment tool allows remote workers to configure their workstation for optimal comfort and health. The questions are tailored to each user based on their existing workstation setup. The interface then illustrates necessary adjustments and provides homeworkers with an overall fit pre- and post-assessment.

ErgoIQ LIVE: Online Ergonomic Consultations for remote employees

With homeworking now at unprecedented levels, advice about ergonomic furniture and homeworking environment is in demand. The ErgoIQ LIVE: Online Ergonomic Consultations service provides online, on-demand access to Humanscale’s international network of ergonomists. Homeworkers have access to thirty-minute one-on-one consultations.

Virtual Ergonomic Assessments

Working in environments that are not set up correctly in terms of ergonomics, it’s not uncommon for remote workers to experience discomfort. Humanscale’s virtual ergonomic assessments aim to help remote employees overcome pain or discomfort. The service works by leveraging a proprietary web-based assessment and training tool. The program operates in conjunction with video conferencing to provide a full ergonomic assessment of a homeworking setup.

Work @ Home Live Webinar Series

Humanscale has also launched a series of webinars designed to increase awareness of key ergonomic concepts. The Work @ Home Live Webinar Series include adjustment guidelines for configuring homework environments for long-term comfort.

Having the right furniture, layout, design, and décor in a home office creates more productive environments, helping employees work at their best.



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