Spotlight: Hyperzod Simplifies Online Business Operations Through Technology

Online businesses often rely on multiple tech platforms and solutions to deliver products and services to customers. So Hyperzod aims to simplify the process by offering an entire suite full of solutions to meet the needs of various businesses. Read about the company’s unique journey and offerings in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Offers SaaS tools to improve small business operations.

CEO Mohd Bilal Arshad told Small Business Trends, “Hyperzod offers a comprehensive suite of products and services designed to boost online business operations and growth. The end-to-end SaaS platform provided by Hyperzod presents a scalable infrastructure that’s instrumental for businesses wanting to establish a substantial online presence.

Some of the company’s product offerings include:

  • Ordering App: This app makes browsing and purchasing easier for customers.
  • Merchant App: This platform allows merchants to easily manage their inventory and track analytics.
  • Driver App: This app for delivery drivers integrates with the others to streamline the tracking process.
  • Admin Panel: This is a full back-end solution with everything from sales analytics to logistics.
  • Autozod for Delivery Automation: This tool uses advanced technologies to optimize routes, assign drivers, and ensure efficient and reliable delivery.

Business Niche

Helping businesses through their revolutionary product, Autozod for Delivery Automation.

Arshad says, “This unique tool is a game-changer in the world of SaaS platforms. And it goes beyond just helping businesses establish an online presence. Autozod leverages advanced technology to optimize delivery logistics. It’s proficient in streamlining route planning, driver assignment, and delivery efficiency. This high level of automation not only significantly boosts operational efficiency but also drastically improves customer satisfaction by ensuring faster and more reliable deliveries.”

How the Business Got Started

By recognizing changing business needs.

Arshad explains, “The company successfully ran a hyperlocal food delivery business initially that works on top of a system that it built in-house.

“Finding that customers and businesses worldwide were in dire need of software that is efficient, reliable, and quick, gave the companies’ founders and programmers enough courage to venture into the field full-fledged.”

Biggest Win

Holding up against stiff competition.

Arshad adds, “Starting as a food delivery software company and competing with industry leaders like Ubereats and Zomato while maintaining decent profits, was in itself the biggest win for Hyperzod. This laid the foundation for the coming into being of a more robust hyperlocal delivery software- named Hyperzod.”

Biggest Risk

Selecting a unique niche.

Arshad says, “The biggest risk that Hyperzod undertook was pushing for a multi-vendor platform in the hyperlocal domain. Venturing into a space traditionally dominated by single-vendor platforms came with its unique set of challenges. Hyperzod ‘s goal was to enable businesses of varying sizes, from local artisans to established enterprises, to sell their products and services online.”

Lesson Learned

Take talent acquisition seriously.

Arshad adds, “If given a chance to approach talent acquisition again, Hyperzod would seize this opportunity to refocus and redefine talent strategies to align more closely with its evolving operational landscape and future growth trajectory.

“Revisiting talent acquisition is not an indicator that the initial process was flawed. Rather, it reflects Hyperzod’s commitment to continuous improvement and adaptive thinking – qualities crucial for thriving in the fast-paced tech industry. Moreover, the ever-evolving landscape of the SaaS industry demands an agile workforce that can adapt, innovate, and lead. Therefore, recalibrating talent acquisition would allow Hyperzod to focus on attracting a diverse set of talent that brings skills, creativity, and a fresh perspective to the table.

“Lastly, a more concentrated effort on building a culture-focused work environment from the onset can lead to better team cohesion and a more motivated workforce, which could have long-term benefits for employee retention and company productivity.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Talent acquisition.

Fun Fact

The company was born over a casual coffee conversation.

Arshad says, “An idle scribble on a paper napkin, outlining the premise of a universally adaptable, efficient, and scalable SaaS platform, gradually evolved into what today stands as a revolutionary enterprise – Hyperzod. It just goes to show you never know where or when inspiration will strike and change the game!”

Favorite Quote

“Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have faith in people, that they are basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they will do wonderful things with them.”- Steve Jobs.

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Image: Hyperzod

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