10 Ways to Improve Customer Communication to Make More Sales

Improve Customer Communication

Communicating with customers is key to converting sales and growing your business. And there are many ways to improve your communication strategies with customers and prospects. Learn how to make the most of your marketing with these tips from members of the online small business community.

Find the Best Lead Magnets for Your Marketing

Effective marketing requires finding relevant leads who may turn into recurring customers. Lead magnets help to bring in these potential customers. So what are the best lead magnets for marketing a small business? Ivana Taylor of DIY Marketers dives into the topic here.

Increase Contact Form Conversions

Contact forms are commonly used by customers who have questions about products or services. And the way you communicate with people after that initial contact can make a major impact. Learn how to increase conversions in this Funnel Overload post by Matt Moran. Then head to the BizSugar community to see what members are saying.

Utilize Google My Business Messaging on Desktop

Some customers prefer to reach out to businesses by phone or email. But online messaging options are becoming increasingly popular. Making it easy for customers to reach you can be a major benefit. And a new option from Google may help small businesses achieve this goal. Learn more in this Search Engine Land post by Barry Schwartz.

Improve Customer Relationships with Data

Learning about your customers can help you communicate with them more effectively. That’s just one reason why gathering data is so important. If you want to improve customer relationships and communication, read this Sprout Social post by Jenn Chen.

Take Advantage of the Rise of Influencer Marketing

Sometimes, the best way to communicate with customers is through a third party. An influencer they trust may be the perfect way to get a message across. That’s just one reason for the recent rise in influencer marketing. Ivan Widjaya discusses the trend further in this Noobpreneur post.

Find the Best Social Media Tools for Marketers

Social media has become an increasingly popular method for communicating with customers. But the sheer number of platforms can seem overwhelming to some. So how do you find the best options? This Content Marketing Institute post by Aaron Orendorff features a lengthy list.

Get the Best Bang for Your Buck on Social Media

Social media sites are often free to use. But they have to make money somehow. That’s why many charge for advertising and other features that improve your ability to communicate with customers. If you want to increase your reach, a small investment may be worth it. Neil Patel shares how to maximize your investment here.

Make Use of Offline Marketing

There are so many ways to communicate with customers online. But offline marketing still offers plenty of benefits. In this Inspire to Thrive post, Lisa Sicard discusses the power of offline marketing. And BizSugar members shared their thoughts on the post here.

Reduce Customer Attrition During a Crisis

A crisis may dramatically impact the way customers view your business. But the way you communicate with them may help you avoid loss. Learn how to minimize damage in this Process Street post by Leks Drakos.

Win Customers with Reassuring Design

Words aren’t the only way to communicate with customers. Design can also share a message about your brand. So it’s important to learn about the psychological aspects of designing branding and marketing materials. Katie Lundin discusses the concept in this Crowdspring post.

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