Improve Sales, Increase Employee Retention and More

Improve Sales, Increase Employee Retention and More

Improving sales can be tricky for any business. There are so many different strategies you can use to attract buyers, convert sales, and make the overall process easier for both you and your customers. This week, members of our small business community shared some tips for improving sales, along with some other updates. Read on for the full list in this week’s Small Business Trends community and information news.

Increase Customer Conversion Rates

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Once you get customers to your website, you likely want to get them to take some kind of action, whether it’s buying a product or signing up for a newsletter. But converting those visitors into customers can be tricky. This post by Scott Gerber includes some tips for better conversion rates from the Young Entrepreneur Council.

Understand the Social Media Sales Funnel

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The traditional sales process has become a lot more social in recent years. Social media can have a big impact on consumer trust, and thus the sales funnel. Here, Ivan Serrano explains the importance of social media in the sales process. BizSugar members then talk more about the post here.

Worry About Sales, Not Just Relationships

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Yes, we know. Business is about relationships. But sales consultant Tibor Shanto warns that sales professionals — a hat also worn by many small business owners — are sometimes more worried about the relationship than the sale. That’s a mistake, Shanto argues, since a real sales relationship comes from delivering quality to your customer again and again. Read on as the BizSugar community discusses the issue further.

Use This 12-Month Plan for Better Content Marketing


No matter what type of business you run, improving your content marketing strategy can give your business a boost. Though different businesses create different types of content, there are some general guidelines that separate helpful content from the rest. Here, Susan Payton shares some tips for improving your content marketing efforts, organized into a helpful 12-month plan.

Use Video in Your Local Marketing Mix

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Some local businesses don’t think they need to worry about an online video strategy. But the fact is that customers, even local customers, go online to learn about businesses before making purchases. In this post, Julie Weishaar discusses the importance of video strategies for local businesses. And the BizSugar community discuss the post in more detail here.

Increase Profits Using Social Media Marketing

(Roel Manarang)

Social media can help your business in so many ways. But ultimately, your main goal is likely to increase profits. So in this post, Roel Manarang shares some simple tips for social media marketing that can help your business boost revenue.

Generate Business Leads Online

(Portsmouth Marketing Group)

If you want to grow your business, you need to generate leads somehow. The Internet offers several methods for doing this, from social media to email newsletters. Here, Paul Clarke shares several tips for improving your business’s online lead generation.

Improve Employee Retention


When you find the right members for your team, you want to be sure and keep them around. This post by Gilrenald James Granada includes some methods you can use to keep your employees happy and improve retention in the workplace.

Stay Healthy While Working from Home

(The Write Life)

Freelancing offers a lot of benefits. But it can also be a challenge. Staying healthy is important whether you work in an office or from home. But it can be even more challenging to balance a busy freelance schedule with regular physical activity. This post by Carlye Cunniff offers some tips for staying healthy while freelancing.

Use Lean Planning to Get Your Business Up and Running

(SmartBlog on Leadership)

Of course, before you can boost your sales, you’ve got t get your business up and running in the first place. Don’t worry. That shouldn’t be too difficult with this introduction to lean planning from Noah Parsons. And there is more discussion on the importance of the planning process in the BizSugar community.

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