Improving Your Sleep to Improve Your Business

improving your sleep to improve your business

Getting better quality sleep can have a direct impact on productivity and business success.

This is a key finding of an infographic by Pizuna, providers of high quality bedding around the world. Pizuna’s ‘Stressed and Not Sleeping: How can you improve your sleep’ infographic, highlights the importance in investing in a good night’s sleep for business success.

Improving Your Sleep to Improve Your Business

The study found that after two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans are more stressed than ever. It unveiled that 1 in 4 employees say they are approaching burnout and nearly 2 in 3 said they “desperately need a vacation.”

The research uncovered that 57% of Americans say they fail to get a good night’s sleep due to having too much on their minds. 49% say they are often too anxious to sleep.

Due to prolonged lack of sleep, people are increasingly turning to sleeping aids for help. 28% of the survey recipients admit to using over-the-counter sleep aides, and 19% have started a prescription sleep medication since 2020.

The Cost of Poor Sleep

Pizuna’s study also looks at the implications poor quality sleep has on our working lives. It found that people who have 6 hours of less sleep per night have a 13% higher mortality rate than those who sleep 7 hours or more.

Lack of sleep can also lead to poor decision making and a reduced ability to make sound financial decisions.

By contrast, people who get 7 – 8 hours of sleep each night are 29% more productive than those who sleep less. The infographic also points to how lost productivity accounts for a 2.28% impact on US GDP and 1.2 million lost working days every year.

How to Invest in Better Sleep

The research alludes to how to invest in better sleep to reap the benefits of reduced lethargy and fatigue, more moderate stress levels, increased memory and focus, and boosted work performance, all of which are vital for running a successful small business.

Moves like opting for bed linen made from comfortable and breathable cotton instead of synthetic fabrics, choosing neutral and deeper tones to create a soothing and relaxing environment, and laundering bed linin frequently, can all help promote a better night’s sleep.

Stressed & Not Sleeping

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