Improving Your Small Business Productivity

Improving productivity is important in any small business, and the topic is often discussed among entrepreneurs. But increased productivity should not always mean working harder. Here’s a look at another strategy and some other important tips for small business entrepreneurs today.


How productive are you being in your small business? Working hard in your small business is certainly important, but working smart can often bring even better results. Here are some thoughts on improving your productivity without putting in endless hours at your small business. Dirty Marketing Secrets

The trick or treat mindset. Frederique Murphy shares with us the problem with a business mindset that, while it may on some levels resemble the harmless childrens’ Holiday game, is no good for us or our small businesses. Here’s Frederique’s simple prescription for a better outlook. Mountain Moving Mindset

Online Strategy

What are your Facebook fans really worth? Certainly there are many small businesses that use Facebook to market their products and services. But there may be a danger in measuring success by the apparent popularity of your Facebook page or the number of friends you’ve assembled. iMedia Connections

Tips for improving your business blog. If you want to know what would make your small business Website or blog more successful for your customers, start by asking whether it’s obvious to everyone landing on your page what your site or business is about. Keep Up With the Web


Marketing books that will improve your business. Check out this list of brief reviews for books that will improve your small business marketing campaign. Marketing can be a critical part of any business success. Here are some books that will make a difference. Small Business Trends


Are you using video to market your small business? If you have an online presence for your small business and haven’t yet considered using online video for marketing purposes, here are some reasons why perhaps you should. ClickFire

Customer Service

How is the market really changing? And how will it impact your small business? In this interesting post, we look at a monumental shift that may, and probably will, impact your small business as well. What will the shape of the new market be? Catarina’s World

Are you ignoring your customers on Twitter? You’d better not! Stats show lots of companies are ignoring customer complaints on Twitter. Those are customer concerns your business could be and should be responding to. Saucy Horse

News & Policy

Legislation enables crowdsourced funding. Would your Facebook friends or Twitter followers be willing to fund your startup? It may soon become easier for them to do so with bi-partisan backing of a bill which will enable crowdsourcing for capital and open a whole new option for startups. WSJ

Why small business matters. Could the future of Democracy in Egypt and throughout the Middle East hang on the efforts of a few entrepreneurs trying to sell frozen yogurt? Here’s why small business really matters today, not only in the U.S. but around the world. Bloomberg Businessweek

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