Truck Drivers Most In-Demand Among Small Business Jobs Not Requiring a College Degree

In Demand Jobs Without a College Degree

Not every small business is looking to fill its IT department with some new recruits.

In fact, there are thousands of small businesses right now looking for employees who don’t possess a college degree.

Leading online job site pulled another set of figures and found which non-college degree jobs are most in demand among small businesses.

In Demand Jobs Without a College Degree

Indeed finds that truck drivers are the most sought after talent at small businesses. In fact, truck drivers are some of the most in-demand workers right now, no matter if a job requires a degree or not and no matter the size of the company. Drivers, in general, are the third most in-demand worker. And delivery drivers, as the jobs are listed on, ranked nine on the site’s 10 most in-demand positions.

Customer service reps are the second most in-demand workers among small businesses in the U.S. Restaurant managers are fourth and retail sales associates are fifth.

To pull this list, Indeed calculated the percentage of small business job postings that do not require a degree by job title over the last year. The jobs were all posted by businesses with 200 or fewer employees.

Babysitters and nannies, restaurant servers, administrative assistants, and warehouse workers round out Indeed’s 10 most in-demand jobs at small businesses.

“These roles may not require degrees, but they require a specific set of skills, experiences, or in some cases, professional training or certification,” Indeed senior vice president of HR Paul Wolfe told Small Business Trends.

Hone Your Hiring Process

With so many small businesses looking to fill these positions, competition is stiff. It’s likely your competitor may be looking to fill the exact same role and you may be interviewing the same person for each of your positions. In that case, it’s best to have your company’s hiring process down pat.

“Businesses looking to hire these in-demand roles should be very clear about what their requirements are in order to attract the best candidates for their open roles,” Wolfe added.

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