Spotlight: Pet Assist Provides In-Home Pet Services and More

Spotlight: Pet Assist Provides In Home Pet Services and More

The pet care industry is growing. And with so many different services potentially of interest to pet owners, from dog walking to waste removal, that growth should come as no surprise.

Pet Assist is a company that’s part of that growing industry. The mobile pet care business cares for pets in various ways and in various locations through its franchise program. Read more about the company in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does – In Home Pet Services and Pet Transportation

Offers a variety of pet care services.

Co-founder Andrew Hill told Small Business Trends, “Pet Assist is a mobile pet care business providing dog and cat sitting, dog walking, pet transport, pet waste removal, and custom care for small animals, including fish, rabbits and hamsters. We also offer franchise opportunities and services for pet lovers/entrepreneurs.”

Business Niche


Hill says, “Pet Assist does everything in a very professional way. We have high standards and procedures for everything. This carries over to create an outstanding customer experience.”

How the Business Got Started

Because of a love for animals.

Hill and his wife Janis Hill started the business after both already had successful careers in marketing and business ownership. So they founded Pet Assist to combine that business knowledge with their love of animals.

Biggest Win

Starting up a franchise program.

Hill says, “We offer a rewarding and enjoyable career path for entrepreneurs who are pet lovers, while also expanding our reach to provide high quality pet care services to more pets.”

Biggest Risk

Starting during an economic downturn.

Hill says, “We started our business during the recession, which was a huge risk. Despite that risk, we were able to expand exponentially; we’ve added franchising services within the last few years. Our ability to be successful despite the recession is due to our strong business model and professionalism. Pet owners know that they can trust us to provide the finest care for their beloved pets. We are proud to have come through the recession even more successful and are hopeful for what the future holds.”

Lesson Learned

Make time to work on the business.

Hill explains, “In the beginning our biggest problem was the rapid growth the company experienced. As a result I was drawn into working in the business rather than on the business. What I would do differently is make sure that didn’t happen so I would have more time to work on business development especially in the early stages of the company.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Supporting the franchise program.

Hill says, “Right now we’re working on developing outstanding training and support resources for future franchisees. All of our resources are going into that.”

Spotlight: Pet Assist Provides In Home Pet Services and More - Franchising

Team Tradition

Games during breakfast.

Hill explains, “The Company holds regular breakfast meetings for staff where everyone gets to sit around the table and share ideas. We also give rewards for the best idea. To help the flow of ideas we include games as a part of the meeting. We also have an annual Team picnic which is a great get together for everyone.”

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