Spotlight: How Kinetic Events Adjusted to a World with No Large, In-Person Events

Many large, in-person events have been put on hold due to COVID-19, which makes it tough for an event staffing agency. Instead of just accepting this fate as a negative, Kinetic Events took it as an opportunity to grow.

Small Biz Spotlight: Kinetic Events

After encountering this obstacle, the company offers a wide array of brand advocacy and promotional services to fill the void and help clients run special operations with reliable team members. Read more about the company in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Provides staffing solutions for special events.

Project Manager Brady Trudeau told Small Business Trends, “Kinetic Events is a nationwide staffing solution for conference and trade show staff, brand ambassadors, promotional models, street teams, product samplings, and more.”

Business Niche

A unique employment model.

Instead of just connecting workers with companies, Kinetic events hires workers under a W2 designation. Additionally, they provide full training and only hire top talent. Ultimately, this provides companies with more reliable help.

Trudeau says, “Many players in the industry function as a glorified version of Craigslist. They post for a job, hire the first applicants that come in for a low price, and send them to the job. We hire almost all of our staff via referral and put them through a training program. Rather than just hiring strangers, we only provide individuals who we know well, which is something that our clients value and know us for.”

Business Origins

After seeing the struggles of the event planning industry.

Trudeau explains, “Our founders were event planners for years. After witnessing the struggle of hiring temp staff first hand, they decided to take their knowledge of the industry and put it to good use.”

Biggest Win

Partnering with Eventbrite as their sole field operations team.

Trudeau says, “The founders of Kinetic Events have known the Eventbrite team since they were a 4 person company. After proving to them that our team was made up of only the best staff in the business, they trusted us with all of their field operations for events worldwide.”

Biggest Challenge


Trudeau says, “As is the case with many event companies, the COVID-19 pandemic has hurt business, but has also led to new opportunities. As many people say, necessity is the mother of invention. When we needed to add services to support our clients during the pandemic, we pivoted perfectly into our expanded role and have been successful since implementing the new services.”

Lesson Learned

Diversify offerings.

Trudeau says, “If it weren’t for COVID-19, we would’ve continued with our original services only. After being backed into a corner, we used the platform we already had in place to diversify our services, leading to new clients.”

Fun Fact

They have a sister company.

Trudeau adds, “Kinetic Events has a sister company (MetroWize) that operates as a full-fledged digital marketing agency. MetroWize specializes in digital marketing for companies in the hospitality, spirits, and the music industry.”

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Image: Kinetic Events

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