In the Headlines: New Tech Launches for Your Small Business

In the Headlines: New Tech Launches for Your Small Business

This week, we heard from lots of companies about new products and services they’re offering small businesses like yours.

These new technologies are designed to make your business operations much smoother. But you know the reality, sometimes the last thing you need is ANOTHER piece of new technology.

That’s why we’ll focus on the latest from Zoho.

This week, Zoho launched a big update to its Zoho One software. Zoho One is different in that it’s like an operating system for all those technologies you’re probably using or tried to use once or twice but stopped because nothing works together.

Zoho One won’t replace some of the reliable technologies you’re using but it can bring a number of different automated operations under roof in a single corral, as it were.

Read more about the latest from Zoho in our report this week.

And see what else other companies are offering as well as other newsmakers in our small business news and information roundup:

Small Business Operations

Only 41% of Managers Check in on Employee Wellbeing Regularly, Do You?

The concept of Work-life balance is evolving to work-life synergy as today’s workforce look to feel supported, engaged and meaningful. For this reason, businesses now have to make more of an effort to ensure the well-being of their employees. But according to a new report from 15Five, only 41% of managers check in on the well-being of their employees regularly.


Fed Says Overall Economy is Healthy, Unemployment Still at a Low 3.7%

U.S. jobs growth of 130,000 jobs was lower than expected in August, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics news release. August 2019 Economy This increase was lower than the economist predictions of 158,000 jobs, which is more in line with the average growth in 2019 to date, and well below the 2018 average of 223,000.


49% of Employees Say They Want to Work Close to Home

You’re planning to move your office near food and drink options to make your employees happy and lure skilled candidates to join your business. But is this really something that employees want? According to a survey conducted by Clutch, “Nearly half of employees (49%) say being near their home is the most important factor of an office’s location.

Freelance Site Fiverr Launches Ecommerce Services For Small Businesses

Fiverr is looking to serve SMBs selling online with 35 new services designed to cover all of their ecommerce and omnichannel needs. The industry store opened on Sept 4. The new move is further evidence of the shift to selling goods and services online. There’s a growing number of services like this one that level the playing field between the bigger players and small business.


WorkWave Introduces New Flexibility in Small Business Payment Processing

Payment processing no longer takes place just at the cashier in your brick and mortar outlet. Whether you have an eCommerce site, popup stores, or field services, you have to have the flexibility to accept payments everywhere. WorkWave Payments is a streamlined, PCI Level 1 certified payment solution designed to address these and other payment issues.

Divvy Launches Tool to Help Manage Small Business Spending

Keeping track of expenses is one of the many jobs of small business owners. And as jobs go, it is very important. Whether you have a software or you’re doing it old school, you need up to date and accurate view of your total spend. Bill Pay is a new solution from Divvy designed to provide better visibility into budgets along with total companywide spend.

Marketing Tips

10 Ways Your Small Business Can Use 90s Nostalgia Marketing

Nostalgia is a great way to get folks to buy what you’re selling. Small Business Trends contacted  99designs COO Pamela Webber to find 10 ways your business can use 90s nostalgia marketing. “Tapping into a consumers’ memories is one of the most effective ways to connect on an emotional level,” she writes. “But, it’s not just about the “feel-good” factor.


Online Entrepreneurs Spend More Than 6.31 Hours of Screen Time Daily

Do you have sore, burning, itchy or tired eyes? Are you having blurred or double vision? If yes, then chances are you are spending too much of your time in front of your laptop, desktop or smartphone. According to a new infographic from, “Americans spend an average of 6.31 hours time per day accessing the internet on any device.

Retail Trends

Your Customers Want Unique Furniture But Don’t Want to Pay for Shipping

Thanks to social media, many people now want to buy unique, picture-perfect furniture. But they also don’t want to spend money on shipping charges.


Good Jobs, Good Business Gives Small Business Owners New Tools and Advice

Small businesses are the economic engine of communities, cities, and countries around the world. As a result, the economy as a whole does well when they do. Good Jobs, Good Business is a free digital toolkit created to provide small businesses owners with tools, resources, and advice.

Image: Zoho

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  1. Zoho has come up with some great features and services. I am also using some of their products. It really helps to small businesses to grow.

  2. You really have to update yourself with the latest changes in tech for this can help your business and make it more efficient.