In the News: Baby Boomers Stay Sharp in Gig Economy

In the News: Baby Boomers Stay Sharp in Gig Economy

This week, we learned that Baby Boomers are farther away from retirement than they ever were.

Maybe not as a whole, but to cast a blanket over everyone in this generation would be a mistake.

In fact, a big mistake, based on the results of two recent surveys. We’re learning that many Baby Boomers have a little more boom in them.

In a survey from Wonolo, the numbers show that Baby Boomers competing in the gig economy — and there are a lot — are doing rather well. At least, that’s true if you consider the number of jobs they’re taking on. The Wonolo data reveals that nearly a third of Baby Boomer freelancers are completing 3 gigs a week or more!

And if they’re not competing in the gig economy, they’re still out there in the workforce and ready to contribute to today’s economy. But many Baby Boomers feel snubbed by younger generations or even their contemporaries in hiring positions.

A new study from iHire found 53% of Baby Boomers responding to a recent survey say they were discriminated against in the hiring process due to their age.

That number seems ludicrous when you consider the previous survey that shows how hard Baby Boomers work and have adapted so well to the digital and freelance economy.

If you’re willing to pass on a Baby Boomer looking for a job from you, there’s a good chance they’ll go out and find their own work.

For the rest of the week in small business headlines, check out our weekly news and information roundup below:

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  1. It means that they know how to adjust. It is amazing how baby boomers are also joining the digital industry.