In the News: Business Owners and Clients Increasingly OK with Texting After Hours

In the News: Business Owners and Clients Increasingly OK with Texting After Hours

We’re always working anymore.

We may post business hours on our office or stores but those don’t tell how much business owners are working before and after them. But maybe that’s because our customers are OK with it?

That’s why we weren’t too surprised by the results of a new survey from Carphonewarehouse this week. They found that 73% of business owners think it’s OK to text clients after business hours.

If that many believe it’s OK to text a business client after business hours, that must mean they’re not getting a lot of push back from those clients they’re texting.

Now, this could be a good and a bad thing. Yes, keeping clients happy is great. But you’ll need to establish boundaries if you’re available outside your listed business hours. Otherwise, you’ll never get away from work.

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Small Business Operations

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Technology Trends

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  1. This is because we live in an age of interconnectedness. The problem here is knowing when to disconnect especially when everything is always on a rush.