In the News – Cities Cracking Down on Cashless Businesses

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We’re reporting all the time on advancements in payment technology that allow your business to take multiple forms of payment.

Some businesses are going a little further and not accepting cash at all. The totally cashless business, however, is becoming a bit of problem.

And this week, we learned that several cities across the US are making it illegal for a business to go cashless.

It’s something to think about as you consider upgrading your own company’s point of sales system and payment options.

This is just one of the many things making headlines that small business owners shouldn’t miss this week.

Check out the rest in this week’s small business news and information roundup.

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Most Americans Don’t Take a Break During the Holidays

Americans work more, take fewer vacations, work longer days and retire later than most industrialized nations. According to a new survey from, more than 1 in 4 or 27% of Americans didn’t take a day off during the 2019 holidays. The result from this survey is almost the same as the poll Small Business Trends carried out in December 2019.

60% of Americans Worry About Contracting Flu, So Keep Your Business Clean

For small businesses, the flu season can be especially crippling. Imagine your small company has five employees and two or more of them call in sick because of the flu. The impact is going to be immediate. So, the fact 60% of Americans say they worry about contracting the flu, highlights the problem. This data comes from Bradley’s 2020 Healthy Hand Washing Survey.

Some Californians are Fighting AB5

The gig economy has upended the way people work, and policymakers are grappling on how to address this change. California is tackling the issue with Assembly Bill 5 or as it is commonly known AB5. However, not all is going according to plan because US District Judge Roger Benitez in San Diego has temporarily blocked AB5.

Small Businesses Selling on Amazon Seeing Big Revenue Growth

If you are searching for new avenues to grow the sales for your small business, you should consider selling on Amazon. According to the new research from Internet Data Corporation (IDC), small business owners are 2.5 times more likely to have registered 25% or more growth in the past year than those not selling in Amazon stores.


Everything You Need to Know About the Standard Deduction

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act just about doubled the standard deduction amounts for individuals for 2018 through 2025. As a result, the law eliminated or curtailed various itemized deductions. Today, most individuals (the Tax Foundation estimates 90%) choose the standard deduction instead of itemizing personal deductions. You have to decide which option is better for your situation.

10 Resources Where Small Businesses Can Get Free Help With Taxes from a Real Live Person

Tax season can be stressful for small business owners. There’s all the receipts you need to get together and that’s usually just a slice of the other invoices, documents and data that needs to be corralled and made sense of. Sometimes you just need to talk with someone who knows where a piece or two fits into the bigger puzzle.

Technology Trends

Veriato Vision Helps Small Businesses Monitor Employee Productivity

Research suggests the average employee is productive just 2 hours and 54 minutes in an 8 hour day. And that’s not all! Some employees may even be engaging in activities that will seriously harm your business — like fraud and embezzlement. As a small business owner, you know employee productivity ultimately determines your company’s success.


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