In The News: Gig Workers Tackle Pandemic, What Small Business Owners MUST Know

Weekly RoundUp - April 3, 2020

As more people look to keep working during the coronavirus pandemic, a new report reveals 85% of gig workers aren’t afraid to work. And as more people deal with the virus, 70% say they will keep working as long as safety measures are in place.

This week’s roundup looks at how small businesses are not only coping with COVID-19 but also how they keep working under the circumstances.

The first news is there is a $2.2 trillion stimulus package which will provide the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act). It will greatly expand the 7(a) SBA loan program for loans through SBA-certified lenders.

Next, the National Small Business Week is going to be canceled this year as the virus continues to impact multiple other events. As one of the more important events addressing small business, the cancellation of the NSBW will be missed greatly. The Small Business Administration hasn’t announced a new date.

The roundup also looks at small businesses coming to the rescue by making Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), teaching you how to stream from home during the outbreak, and distance learning to name a few of the articles.

Take a look at the roundup for more. At the same time here is Small Business Trend’s Coronavirus Business Center.


85% of Gig Workers Aren’t Afraid to Work During Coronavirus Pandemic

The COVID 19 pandemic is wreaking havoc across the US workforce, however, some 85% of gig workers are not afraid to work according to a survey by PeopleReady. In fact, many want to pitch in to help stop the spread of the virus. Gig Workers Not Afraid of Coronavirus The survey found nearly 3 in 4 are ready and willing to take on temporary assignments in cleaning and sanitizing.


How to Conserve Business Cash Flow During the Coronavirus Pandemic

In these unprecedented times, many small businesses are operating with remote staff and many others are completely shut down. No one knows how long businesses will see little or no revenue coming in. The challenge for businesses to remain viable is to continue cash flow.

Small Business News

National Small Business Week Postponed Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

The National Small Business Week joins the growing number of events that are being canceled and postponed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Initially, the National Small Business Week (NSBW) which is hosted by the Small Business Administration (SBA) was slated to take place from May 3- May 9, 2020. The SBA says it is postponing it until further notice.

Bringg Helps Businesses Quickly Launch a Delivery Service

On March 25, Bringg announced the launch of its BringgNow, a last-mile delivery solution in mind for small businesses. The solution will help businesses immediately launch and scale delivery operations. According to the company, BringgNow will allow businesses to quickly load incoming orders, dispatch deliveries to their own drivers or crowdsourced fleets.

Onfleet Launches Job Board for Companies Seeking Delivery Drivers

The launch of Onfleet’s free Driver Job Board is designed to do one thing during the current COVID-19 pandemic, get the things people need by finding drivers to deliver them. As the current lockdown continues to drag on, people are going to need the bare essentials. And one way to get it to them without further endangering more people is by delivering it to them.

Handmade Crafters Make Face Masks for Medical Professionals

The COVID-19 epidemic is disrupting the nation’s medical facilities and individuals who work there. Consequently, they are facing shortages in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). In recent weeks these protective gears have become scarce and in short supply. As a result, health care workers are being forced to ration their N95 masks.

3D Printers Used for Making Medical Masks, Other PPE

The shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) the coronavirus has created is now responsible for a global hackathon. 3D printers are churning out everything from medical masks to face shields, oxygen valves, parts to make ventilators from snorkeling masks and even hands-free door handle attachments. The shortage of some key equipment is dire in some locations.

Trucking Companies and Truck Drivers Battle Unique Problems with COVID-19

Trucking companies are facing unique challenges in light of the COVID-19 pandemic as they try to deliver, food/medicine and protective equipment and other supplies.  The American Trucking Associations  recently praised the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act for supplying assistance to truckers.

Small Businesses Doing Their Part to Produce PPE for Medical Staff Shortages

With the COVID-19 epidemic causing ripples across the global supply chain, companies are trying to come with grips with shortages in key inputs for their production. Hard hit is the manufacturing sector that produces vital medical supplies. These include Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as masks, gloves and medical robes.


How to Sign Up Your Restaurant with a Food Delivery Service

Many states now have restrictions in place for restaurants operating during the coronavirus pandemic. To limit the spread of the virus and support social distancing, many restaurants and bars have had to either close or limit their operations to carryout and delivery service.


Save Up to 35% on Tax Prep with H&R Block

Although the filing deadline for federal taxes has been pushed back to July 15th, many small businesses will still be filing in April. Additionally, many states have not pushed back their filing deadlines. So even if your business isn’t filing federal taxes right away, you may still need to compile your state returns quickly.

Technology Trends

How to Look Good Live Streaming Yourself from Home

During the COVID -19 pandemic, some SMB focus is shifting to remote work. For many small businesses that means learning a new norm including live streaming from home. Small Business Trends contacted Jennifer L. Jacobson, Founder of Jacobson Communication, to get some pointers. Jacobson recently published a blog titled How To Be On National TV From Your Living Room.

Distance Learning Demand Offers Opportunity for Small Education Businesses

Distance learning has become more important than ever as mandates to combat the coronavirus pandemic close schools across all age groups. In the U.S. alone there are around 51 million students in public schools, not to mention other learning institutions. Thankfully there is a technology in place to keep the learning going.


How Franchise Managers Can Best Differentiate While Conforming to Franchise Standards

It does’t matter if you run a fast food restaurant or a hardware store. A franchise owner gets the opportunity to experience entrepreneurship. But this happens without the higher risk levels generally experienced in traditional startups. However, running a franchise gives several advantages. For example, you get less room for innovation than in a startup.


Sleep May Be the Missing Key to Your Success

There is one overlooked component to small business success and it’s something we don’t do enough of. As an entrepreneur, sleep always seems like a luxury that rates far behind everything else in your life. But unfortunately, not getting enough if it, can also harm what you are working so hard to accomplish.

Online Tools

The Best Alternative to WordPress’ Traditional CMS in 2020

Headless CMS (content management system) in recent times has come to trump the traditional CMS when juxtaposed as content management systems. The headless CMS has become the best content management system built from scratch as a repository for content.


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