In the News: Recession Warnings Don’t Worry Small Business Owners

In the News: Recession Warnings Don’t Worry Small Business Owners

Recession talk continues to make headlines and small businesses can’t avoid getting caught up in it — or can they?

Two pieces of news reached us this week that indicate small business worries about a recession are pretty low or non-existent.

Earlier this week, the Money Anxiety Index found that small business owners are generally not worried about their financial situation — any more than usual — and definitely not worried about a possible recession.

And then we heard about another survey this week that echoed similar sentiments. However this one could be a result of general lack of planning on the part of small business owners. The survey found 44% of small businesses in the U.S. have no plan for an economic recession.

For more news unrelated to the predicted recession, check out the rest of the week in headlines in our small business news and information roundup below.

Marketing Tips

Brick and Mortar Marketing: Secrets You Must Know

Many popular retailers are going out of business these days which can make it seem even riskier to have a brick and mortar business. With so many stores moving online, I still believe that small local businesses can survive and even thrive. It all comes down to how you market it and manage profit.

39% of US Businesses Have No Employer Brand Strategy, How About Yours?

Brand strategy generally means the effort which takes place with the consumer side of a company. But it also applies to the workforce of an organization. Employer branding now plays an important role in recruiting and retaining the best candidates. However, a report from iHire shows businesses are not all the way on board with this concept. More than two thirds or 39.

Retail Trends

Consumer Buying Habits: What You Need to Know

Has your retail business kept pace with the way consumers prefer to buy today? Shopping habits are changing faster than ever. And there are a myriad of options for shoppers to choose from. So it’s a good idea for every small retailer to regularly consider.

Social Media

When Contacting Your Business, Generation Z Prefers Phones Over Social Media

Social media gives consumers more access to the brands they like. And brands are using these channels to engage with their customers on a more personal level. But this relationship is changing as users reexamine the impact of social media on their lives.

82% of Job Seekers Try to Hide their Social Media Profiles from You

Background checks are par for the course when it comes to applying for a new job. In the past, this meant checking references, criminal records and even drug use. But with the advent of social media, companies are now trying to check every post from a candidate. So, it is not surprising 82% of people seeking jobs try to hide their social media profile with some degree of privacy settings.


How a Small Business Saved 20 Hours Per Week With This One Technology

Traditional small businesses may be hesitant to dip their toe into new technology. But for 5P Consulting, a small consulting firm founded in San Diego, technology is the very business of their business. 5P Consulting’s mission is to optimize organizations and drive them to improve business productivity through process and technology.

Can Emotional Exhaustion Cause You to Quit a Profitable Business?

Are you not clear about your job as a small business owner? Are you frequently having work-family conflict? If your answer is yes, then you need to take a paradigm shift for your own good.

12 Small Business Tips from Podcasts Used by the Pros

Not all the advice that a budding business leader hears on a podcast will be particularly actionable or beneficial. There is, however, some very good information and perspectives out there.


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