In the News: Small Businesses Still Reel from the Shutdown; Zoholics Wows Austin Crowd

In the News: Small Businesses Still Reel from the Shutdown; Zoholics Wows Austin Crowd

Can you believe some small businesses in the U.S. still haven’t fully recovered from the government shutdown?

Well, a new survey finds that 40% of companies who were impacted by the shutdown STILL struggle. And the survey comes from  BizBuySell, which tracks sales and purchases of small businesses.

Months have passed since the shutdown ended. And many thought the impact to be minimal. We might have expected it to be less than the impact on government employees. But the new statistic seems startling. And it gives a better perspective on the impacts of a shutdown.

Of course, this represents 40% of small business impacted by the shutdown in the first place. And just 21% of small businesses reported actually being impacted by the shutdown in the first place.

Still, when you consider there are millions of small businesses in the U.S., those still feeling the shutdown isn’t insignificant.

For other big headlines this week, check out our news roundup below, including a report from the floor of Zoholics in Austin.

Technology Trends

Zoho  Wows Zoholics with eCommerce, Marketing Automation and Business Process Solutions

What do you call an annual event that attracts avid users of the friendliest integrated cloud platform that can run your whole business? Zoholics — of course. This week, April 9 to 11, 2019, over 1,700 enthusiastic Zoho users descended on Austin, Texas to hear the latest news from Zoho.

Amazon Says It Has Released 50 New Tools for Small Business Sellers

Small and medium-sized business sell more than half of all units on Amazon. So providing the tools and services to support their growth is a no brainer for Amazon. In the first three months of 2019 alone Amazon has released 50 new tools and services. And these tools and services support small businesses.

Attention: Cyber Attacks can Destroy Your Small Business

Predators pursue “favorite” prey. Cheetahs love gazelles. And eagles love trout. But Cybercriminals love small businesses. And we didn’t make up that last example. It happens to be true. A Ponemon Institute report on small businesses found stolen IT assets and the expenses tied to this crime category badly hurt brands. And that damage amounted to $1.6 million on average.

50% of Business Owners Over 50 Back Trump’s National Emergency Declaration

Trump’s national emergency declaration has the support of 50% of small business owners over 50 years of age. The data is from the latest BizBuySell survey about small business owner sentiment. Small Business Owner Sentiment Survey Results According to the survey, business owner sentiment on this is issue is close to a statistical tie.


What Amazon Can Teach You about Creating a Great Company Culture – Not

Emergency workers were summoned to Amazon’s warehouses nearly 200 times for suicide attempts and other mental health crises over a five-year span. Employees say brutal working conditions at the company leave some to reach out for help before ultimately seeking relief through suicide, The Daily Beast reported Monday.


What You Can Learn from LinkedIn’s CEO about Eliminating Useless Meetings

Surely meetings weren’t designed to be useless time sucks that everyone dreads until the minute they’re over. You’ve likely been part of the drill at some point. Entire teams and departments shuffle into the boardroom; a few key people speak and make decisions, while the rest are lost in space thinking about they want for lunch while fighting the urge to nod off.

Social Media

73% of Small Businesses Invest in Social Media Marketing, Survey Finds

Nearly 3 of every 4 small businesses plans to invest in social media marketing this year. That finding stands out in a new survey from The Manifest. It’s called How Small Businesses Use Digital Marketing Channels in 2019.


NCR Provides Advanced Reporting, Inventory Control and Employee Management

Restaurants, service providers, retailers and other small businesses need a new option when it comes to analyzing and managing data. Basically, these businesses need a way to integrate detailed reporting and simple management tools into a single dashboard.And the solution should make these tools available in the exact same place where you accept orders and payments.


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