In the News: Survey Exposes Small Business Increasing Vulnerability to Cyber Attacks


The vulnerability of small businesses in a digital ecosystem is well documented. However, many small business owners wrongly think they are not the target of cyberattacks. Furthermore, they don’t have the proper mobile security in place. And as more businesses integrate mobile technology as part of their workflow, they are more vulnerable.

Verizon’s Mobile Security Index Report Says Small Businesses Are Vulnerable article looks at just how vulnerable these businesses are in this week’s roundup. The Verizon report goes on to say 59% of small and medium-sized businesses sacrifice security while 22% stated there was a mobile compromise.

This has led 78% of the respondents to say they should take mobile-device security more seriously, which is appropriate in the current state of affairs. Digital security, whether on the mobile devices of your employees or laptops, PCs, tablets and other connected devices in your office, has to be a top priority. Because every device that is connected to your network could be the gateway to your organization.

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Small Business News Roundup – May 21, 2021

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