In the News: Tech Problems May be Stressing Out Your Employees

In the News: Tech Problems May be Stressing Out Your Employees

Stress and struggle. For small business owners, they can be too real sometimes.

This week, we learned in a new survey which U.S. cities are the most stressed out. You’re going to be somewhat surprised to see which cities topped the list this year.

Are you near any of these stressed out cities? Take a look at the survey results to find a frantic city near you.

But then there are those frustrations that know no geographic bounds. We also learned this week that technology issues really cramp a small business owner’s routine.

A new survey found that 94% of workplaces in the U.S. struggle to use the apps that are supposed to make work easier. Talk about the ultimate frustration!

The news isn’t all so vexing, however. Check out our news roundup below for more headlines that impact small business owners like you in our weekly news and information roundup:

Small Business Operations

66% of Businesses Spend Less Than $10K to Build Their Website

Consider the tremendous potential benefits of having a website. Still, a new report from Visual Objects says a significant number of businesses don’t have one. And when businesses decide to build a site, they avoid spending big. Two-thirds or 66% of businesses spend less than $10,000 to design, build, and launch a website.

Social Media

The Future of Facebook and Messenger: Why It’s Important for Your Business

Messaging is at the core of Facebook’s future, according to Mark Zuckerberg just last week. Facebook’s CEO announced a vision of “a privacy-focused messaging and social networking platform” where people can communicate securely.

Smaller Instagram Profiles – Like the One for Your Business – Less Likely to Use Stories, Data Says

When Instagram first introduced Stories, the conversation was all about the comparison to Snapchat. Today it is a tool used by businesses, influencers and brands to reach and engage with their audience. But according to a new study from Fanpage Karma, small Instagram profiles are less likely to use Stories.

Marketing Tips

Weird Holidays in April: 13 Your Small Business Should Celebrate

April approaches. And this means warmer weather, buds of spring and Easter beckoning. So celebrate this joyful springtime month. And if you own a small business take note. You’ll learn a string of weird and wacky holidays are also on tap. And the savviest small businesses use these celebrations to their advantage when marketing.


The 25 Best Affiliate Marketing Companies in 2019

Small businesses need a simple way to recruit marketers to help sell products. And small online marketers need a simple way to gain commission from the traffic they drive. Affiliate marketing solves both problems. Affiliate marketing involves marketing someone else’s goods and services for a commission. Small businesses can use this model to market their products.

Why Would a Fox News Anchor Leave to Start His Own Small Business?

For most people, being on the number one cable news show in the world would be the highlight of their career. But on this week’s radio show, I talked with Clayton Morris, a former FOX News anchor and member of the Fox and Friends team.


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