October 28, 2016

Incorporate A Business

You decide. Will it be a corporation, LLC or sole proprietor?

nellies chart How To Structure Your Business
Discover which structure is right for your new business.

researching s corp Choosing A Legal Entity
Learn about the differences between an LLC, and S Corp and a C Corp.

filing paperwork Doing Business As (DBA): Sole Proprietorship
If you don’t incorporate, chose an official name by filing a DBA.

Decisions And Checklists

Chose the state to incorporate a business and use the checklists.

state incorporation Which State To Incorporate?
Explore your options. Nevada, Delaware or your home state?

countdown part one Get Ready To Launch Your Business
Cross off the items on this checklist before taking flight.

nitty gritty plan Get Ready To Operate Your Business
Use this list to think through the basics of your small business operations.

Final Steps

A few final things to consider and you\\\'ll be on your way in no time!

legal and financial Financial And Legal Nuances
Now you’re ready to complete a few final housekeeping items to keep your business “legal” and in compliance, while also helping you manage your money and pay your taxes.

nellies quiz Launch Your Business
Just a few more steps you need to take before you skyrocket to success. When you get ready to launch a business, keep in mind your “big picture” goals for why you wanted to be an entrepreneur in the first place.

Additional Resources

1shutterstock_77652886 Frequently Asked Trademark Questions
Answers to frequently asked questions when it comes to trademarking.

sabotage Don\\\'t Sabotage Your Liability Protection
Liability protection is not absolute and you can be personally liable.

reading mail You Shouldn’t Be Your Own Registered Agent
Don\\\'t take on this role for yourself. Here are five reasons why.

ponder Questions To Ask Before You Go Solo
Considering starting your own business? Ask yourself these seven questions.

united states Properly Operate Out Of State
If you operate across state lines, learn if a foreign qualification is necessary

money collage2 Business Structure Impacts Deductions
Learn how deductions and employee benefits are affected by legal structure.

Looking for templates, checklists or guides? The Small Business Resource Center has them!