Indian Firm Unveils $20 Tablet, Could Change the Industry

A heavily subsidized $20 tablet, which even at full price is cheaper than the lowest priced competitors, is being touted as the least expensive tablet in the world. Game changers like UK/Canadian/Indian startup Datawind’s Aakash 2 for students and a slightly more expensive commercial tablet are possible in any industry with the proper focus. Today’s roundup looks at how disruptive products and services are created and how your business can do the same.

The Next Big Thing

In for a penny, in for a pound. Datawind’s already super cheap Aakash 2 was made even more affordable thanks to a deal with the Indian government to help realize the lofty vision of making the technology easily available for 100,000 students and professors in the country. If the initial roll-out works, the government may eventually order as many as 5.86 million of them. That’s not counting the huge demand the company is already seeing for its commercial model. Quartz

The secret of success. As we can see in the instance of Datawind, the secret of success has little to do with superior technology, a well-established brand, or even a lavish startup budget. It has more to do with other factors like empathy, clarity, and timing, writes columnist Geoffrey James. Read more to find out why these qualities really make the difference when marketing your product or service.

How To Innovate

Identify a need. It is not complicated at all to create a product or service that will prove to be a game changer in the marketplace. To start, simply identify a need and fill it, suggests marketer Susan Oakes. If this sounds obvious, Oakes seems to be implying through her example that the key is to find a need no other business is filling already. Your approach to marketing this solution should be just as simple, she says. M4B Marketing

Take stock of your resources. Training manager Shola Richards predicts a new television series is likely to transform all businesses, if business owners heed its advice. You don’t need to be the president of a multimillion dollar corporation to spend some time in the trenches and get a different point of view of your company and how it works. The key to creating a revolutionary business is to take stock of your company’s resources and talent to discover how to do things better. Cubepiphany

Focus on your brand. Content marketer Kasey Steinbrinck visits the unlikely world of standup comedy to show how small businesses can build a powerful brand by simply focusing on what sets them apart. Certainly, one element of this is that you innovate in your field, but you must also work to own your niche and stay inventive, whether you are engaging in marketing content or products and services. Copyjuice

Address price sensitivity. We started this post with a look at a tablet so inexpensive it couldn’t help being a game changer in its field. But sometimes creating the cheapest product or service is neither possible or desirable. For this reason, you will want to address any price sensitivity your potential customers may have when deciding whether to do business with you. Here are some simple tips for tackling the price issue and coming out on top. TodayMade

Take smaller meetings. Believe it or not, meetings that go on for ever and involve more than two or three people rarely accomplish much, says business leader Michael Dalton Johnson, interviewed in this video clip by Chris Hamilton. Except for brainstorming sessions, keep meetings short and involve as few people as possible to make decisions that will move your company to the next level. Sales Tip a Day

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