Indie Music and Other Small Biz Opportunities

Markets as unique as indie music are becoming the focus of an increasing number of small business startups. There are other opportunities as well for entrepreneurs seeking to get started. Check our roundup below. What other small business markets and tips would you add?

Latest Trends

Opportunities abound in the indie music field. As the traditional music industry disappears, small tech startups emerge to take their place. The indie music scene might not be the first thing to come to mind when considering small business startup opportunities, but perhaps it should. Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Blog content creation may be new small business market. Many entrepreneurs know of the importance of creating a blog or blogs for networking, marketing and SEO purposes. But what about outsourcing the content creation for these blogs? One small business, BizSugar’s Contributor of the Week, shows what such a service might look like. BizSugar Blog

How To

Planning for the family business. Many small businesses are still family businesses and here is how to put in the right planning to make them work effectively. Do you have a family business? Are you planning to start one? Consider these thoughts to get you started. The Frugal Entrepreneur

How to beat the competition. You may have heard that working smarter not working harder is the key to success. We might also say that success occurs when we seek to accomplish something others fear to do. Can you overcome your fear and succeed? Seth Godin’s Blog

Cutting Edge

The changing face of entrepreneurship. One projection suggests that the next generation of entrepreneurs and small business owners may be from a very different demographic. But what is the reason for the shift and how might it change the small business community in the future? Small Business Trends

Tips for a great small business Website. We’re always talking about the importance of online presence for any small business. Here’s a good list of things that will make your Website great.


Small business tips to stay motivated. No matter what the business, motivation is an important part of making it a success. How do you stay motivated and what kind of motivational and other tools would you recommend that have been successful in your business? New Biz Blogger

Small problems entrepreneurs must take in stride. There are many big problems in small business and some small ones with the potential to become big. But then there are also some things that will never become major issues in your business unless you let them. Open Forum

Tech Tools

What are NBO’s and how do they help us anticipate customer demand? New tools are helping businesses create “next best offers,” a means of anticipating customer demand. How do you anticipate your customer’s needs and prevent them from going to your competitors? Harvard Business Review

Google Plus Hangouts. The new Google social media feature is a bit unique among social media tools but carries some major benefits for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Here are some reasons you may wish to consider hosting your own and some tips on how to do it right. Social Media Examiner

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