Influencer is the 2nd Most Misunderstood Job in the US

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An Influencer is the second most misunderstood job in the US. According to a report by Business CenturyLink, internet, VoIP and other service providers for small businesses, the role of ‘Influencing’ is widely confused and misinterpreted.

Topping the most misunderstood jobs’ listings is an Actuary role, and in third place, after Influencer, is a Data Scientist.

Most Misunderstood Professions

To uncover what are the least understood jobs in the US, the Business CenturyLink team reviewed information on job market sites, including LinkedIn, Business Insider, Glassdoor Reddit and Digital Marketing Institute. The researchers identified the jobs that either did not exist or were less common between five and 15 years ago.

The team separated the data for trends and overlaps, searching on the job titles that are most frequently searched for. The search volume for each job was also studied, using the SEO tool Ahrefs.

The report describes what these ‘misunderstood’ professions involve, as well as their average earnings.

What is an Influencer?

As Business CenturyLink describes, an Influencer is a person or organization who uses a platform, typically social media, to market a service or product. The Influencer’s name and reputation are enough to engage interest in the item being marketed.

“Think of the “celebrity endorsement.” If you’ve ever seen a commercial or billboard featuring a celebrity, that celebrity is functioning as an Influencer,” writes Business CenturyLink.

According to the report, the average monthly search for Influencer is 6,300. The median salary for this type of work is, as unveiled on Glassdoor, $82,683.

Pandemic has Inspired People to Reconsider the Careers

The disruption and insecurity of the pandemic has inspired many to reassess their career and seek jobs that offer a better work/life balance. According to Business CenturyLink, 1 in 4 people are considering quitting their job once the pandemic is over.

With people deliberating changing careers and starting their own freelance work and businesses, learning about industries and roles that confuse people, is important.

Understanding Misunderstood Jobs

An Actuary, for example, which is ranked as the most misunderstood job in the US, is a professional risk assessor for an organization or individual. Actuaries research people, locations and projects, to estimate the potential risks associated with these variables.

With a median salary of $97,776, an Actuary poses as a highly profitable industry for those with relevant skills.

The same can be said about a Data Scientist, which makes a median salary of $113,309. A Data Scientist studies the ways that data can be gathered efficiently and effectively.

What is the third most misunderstood job in the US, could be highly rewarding and profitable for those with aspirations to embark on a career gathering scientific data.

For those looking for opportunities to break out of a ‘9 to 5’ structure and improve their work/life balance by effectively being their own boss, keeping an open mind and becoming acquainted with widely misunderstood roles like an Influencer, could prove invaluable in helping people find the career niche they aspire.

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