Inside Zoholics 2023: Business Leaders Share Their Insights

A recap of the Zoholics 2023 event held in Austin, Texas.

Small business owners are always looking for ways to improve their business processes and automate tasks that will help them grow their businesses. Zoholics 2023, a sold-out conference held at the AT&T Hotel and Conference Center in Austin, Texas, was the perfect opportunity for these small business owners to network and learn from experts and fellow users.

Small Business Trends was there to capture every moment, and to share insights from business leaders who are using Zoho software to take their businesses to the next level.

Zoholics 2023 Recap

Zoholics 2023 was a two-day event that brought together Zoho users from all over the country.

Attendees included small business owners who rely on Zoho software to streamline their business processes and improve efficiency. Zoho said the event was designed to provide an informative and down-to-earth experience that would allow users to connect with experts and other users.

The event featured more than 15 product sessions that gave business users the inside scoop on how to make Zoho work more effectively for them. These sessions covered a wide range of topics, including sales, marketing, and software customization.

Participants also had the opportunity to take part in discussions with fellow users and Zoho thought leaders, providing an opportunity to network and learn from others.

Here are some of the stories from business leaders who shared their experiences using Zoho software.

“We are a Zoho customer,” said Marc Fishman, marketing director for Codefish, a coding boot camp. “Zoho is integrated fully into our business, and actually, I’m here for many reasons, one of which specifically is to help our Zoho stack fully automate the student experience, basically going from a lead all the way to a customer.

I think Zoho is one of those diamonds in the rough where we could be training great students for businesses and partners in this atmosphere that helps separate us from a lot of other coding boot camps out there right now,” Fishman added.

Fishman shared how Zoho has helped him streamline his business processes and improve efficiency. By using Zoho software, he is able to automate the student experience from lead to customer, which has helped him separate his business from competitors. This is just one example of how Zoho software can be used to automate tasks and improve efficiency in a small business.

A recap of Zoholics 2023 held in Austin, Texas.

“It was very easy to use, which was key because most reasons that CRMs fail or implementations fail is because people won’t use it,” said Susan Clark, of Cornerstone Consulting. “So you have to make it easy to use. It was very affordable compared to a lot of different products. It was customizable, and it connected with a lot of different products. It was a pretty easy decision, and because of the product management team, I just really can’t say enough nice things about them.”

“What brought me into Zoho in the first place was the CRM and the projects application ‘cause I need to obviously sell the product and manage the sales cycle, but I also need to produce the work and be able to have a project management style organization past the sales point and then bridge them together and there are other platforms that you guys have that really make it useful for me,” said Steve Festa, owner of Blues Brothers Construction.

Zoho’s thought leaders shared insights and knowledge that small business owners could use in their businesses too. One of the most compelling topics was the role of AI in small businesses.

“AI helps small businesses have an outsized impact,” said Prashanth VK, Zoho Head of Market Strategy and CX Thought Leadership. “They essentially provide the same experience as a large brand but with a smaller actual footprint on the company. That’s a kind of leveler that has not been seen in the last few years, and we believe AI will essentially empower small businesses in a way that software has not before.”

With AI-powered tools like Zoho CRM’s intelligent sales assistant, small businesses can gain the insights and recommendations they need to compete with larger companies. AI can also automate repetitive tasks, freeing up time for small business owners to focus on more strategic activities.

Ulaa Browser Launched

Zoho also announced a new browser, Ulaa, at the event. Unlike most browsers on the market, Ulaa is designed to be privacy-friendly and user-friendly, with no tracking or surveillance.

“As a user, we are being tracked. Our information and our activity are being tracked without our permission,” said Raju Vegesna, Zoho Chief Evangelist. “We started creating a product for our use internally because we are a very privacy-conscious company. Then we said, ‘you know what? We find it useful. Why don’t we open it up to the rest of the market?’ So for people who are privacy-conscious, Ulaa, the browser we’re launching, is for you.”

Privacy concerns are a growing issue for consumers and businesses alike, and Ulaa offers a solution that puts privacy and user experience first.

In addition to Ulaa and AI, Zoho announced new assistance for starting a small business. Small business owners who attended the event were able to get an exclusive look at these new products and learn how they could use them to streamline their operations, improve customer experience, and grow their businesses.

For small business owners who already use Zoho software, the event provided a chance to learn from fellow users, network with like-minded individuals and get one-on-one time with technical staff. Attendees could share their experiences, ask questions, and get insights into how to make Zoho work more effectively for their businesses.


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