50 Instagram Business Ideas

instagram business ideas

You already know that Instagram can be a great platform to market your business. But did you know that you can also build an entire business around the platform? All you need are some great Instagram business ideas.

Why Starting an Instagram Business is a Good Idea

  • Visual Engagement: Instagram is primarily a visual platform, which allows businesses to showcase products, services, and brand stories in a captivating manner. Visual content often has a higher engagement rate, making it easier to connect with audiences.
  • Large Active User Base: With over a billion users, Instagram provides a vast potential customer base. With the right strategy, businesses have the opportunity to reach and engage with a significant portion of their target audience.
  • Innovative Marketing Tools: Instagram is constantly evolving, introducing tools like Stories, IGTV, and Shopping features. These tools give businesses creative ways to promote and sell directly on the platform.
  • Direct Interaction with Customers: The platform facilitates real-time interactions with customers through comments, direct messages, and interactive story features. This fosters a direct connection with the audience and helps in building brand loyalty.
  • Cost-effective Advertising: Instagram offers a range of advertising options suitable for both big brands and small startups. With targeted ads, businesses can achieve a high ROI, making it a cost-effective choice for marketing.

How to Choose the Perfect Instagram Business Idea: Our Methodology

Instagram can be a powerful tool for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Here’s a breakdown of the essential factors and their importance on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the most important:

Audience Engagement (5/5): Instagram is known for its highly engaged user base. It’s crucial for your business because a more engaged audience means better chances of connecting with potential customers.

Visual Content (4/5): If your business relies heavily on visuals, such as fashion, food, or art, Instagram’s image and video-focused platform is a strong choice.

Demographics (4/5): Understanding your target audience is vital. Instagram has a predominantly younger user base, so it may be a better fit if your products or services cater to this demographic.

Advertising Options (4/5): Instagram offers a variety of advertising options, including sponsored posts and stories, which can help boost your business’s visibility.

Content Format (3/5): Instagram primarily focuses on visual content, so if your business relies heavily on written content or articles, other platforms may be more suitable.

Analytics and Insights (3/5): Instagram provides basic analytics to track your performance. If in-depth analytics are crucial to your business, you may need to use third-party tools.

Competition (3/5): Consider the level of competition in your industry on Instagram. A highly saturated market might require more effort to stand out.

Integration with E-commerce (4/5): If you sell products online, Instagram’s shopping features can be a significant advantage for driving sales.

User Experience (5/5): Instagram’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for businesses to create and share content, engage with customers, and build their brand presence.

Cost (2/5): The cost of advertising on Instagram can vary. While it offers effective marketing opportunities, budget constraints may be a factor to consider.

Types of Instagram Business Ideas

TypeBusiness IdeasDescription
Influencer & Content CreationInstagram Influencer, Product Reviewer, Instagram Food Channel, Fashion Blogger, Food Blogger, Travel Blogger, Lifestyle BloggerFocus on building a niche-specific audience and collaborate with brands to share content, reviews, or promotions.
Management & ConsultancyInstagram Manager, Social Commerce Seller, Affiliate Marketer, Instagram Consultant, Advertising Specialist, Instagram Contest ServiceOffer specialized services to brands or individuals, ranging from managing accounts, curating content, or creating effective advertising strategies.
Art & DesignMakeup Artist, Hair Stylist, Illustrator, Custom Portrait Artist, Graphic Designer, Infographic Designer, Lettering ServiceShowcase artistic talent, be it through makeup, illustrations, graphics, or custom artwork. Potential to sell services or digital products.
PhotographyEvent Photographer, Stock Photographer, Product Photographer, Portrait Photographer, Printed Products Seller, Prop StylistUse Instagram as a visual portfolio. Offer various photographic services or sell prints and products.
Education & CoachingDIY Expert, Business Coach, Life Coach, Fitness Coach, Online Course Creator, Live Workshop InstructorShare knowledge, tutorials, or training in specific domains. Offer personal coaching or online courses.
Specialized ServicesAnimator, Videographer, Musician, Magician, Comedian, Public Speaker, Webinar Host, Event Organizer, Live Event PromoterCater to niche markets by showcasing unique skills or services. Potential to book gigs or collaborate with brands.
Selling & CommerceDigital Product Seller, Handmade Business Owner, Secondhand Goods Seller, Social Commerce Seller, Brand Ambassador, Pet PersonalityUtilize Instagram as a storefront or platform to sell products, both digital and physical. Build a brand around unique products or personas.
MiscellaneousMeme Maker, Photo Editing App, Event Organizer, Fitness Coach, BakerBroad range of opportunities, from developing apps to organizing events or baking. Variety ensures there's a niche for every entrepreneur.

Instagram Business Ideas

While many businesses will eventually require you to have a website or other offerings, there are plenty of different businesses you can get started with nothing more than an Instagram account. Here are 50 of those Instagram business ideas.

Instagram Influencer

One of the best Instagram business ideas and ways to make money from Instagram is by becoming an influencer. To do this, you need to build up an audience in a specific niche — and there are a lot of different options — then work with brands to share content related to their products or services.

Product Reviewer

More specifically, you can build up some influence and then offer to share reviews of specific products, sharing your thoughts in videos or captions.

Instagram Manager

You can also work with brands as a social media manager that specializes in posting on Instagram.

Social Commerce Seller

It’s also possible to sell products directly on Instagram using a buy button or posting products for sale and then invoicing your followers who show interest.

Affiliate Marketer

You can also use your Instagram account and Instagram Story to share affiliate links to specific products or services and then earn a commission on each sale.

Digital Product Seller

If you sell digital products like ebooks or printables, you can use Instagram as your main method of sharing your offerings with potential customers.

Event Photographer

Instagram is also a great platform for photographers to build a business around. If you’re an event photographer, one of the great Instagram business ideas is to share photos from the events you work and then include an email address in your bio so new clients can contact you.

Stock Photographer

Another one of the great Instagram business ideas is to take stock photos that you can sell to brands or businesses looking to build up their Instagram content.

Product Photographer

Or you can offer a service where you take photos of products for ecommerce businesses to use on their websites and social media accounts.

Portrait Photographer

instagram business ideas

Portrait photography is another niche within the photography business. For this type of business, you can use Instagram as a portfolio and offer a way for new clients to get in touch with you.

Printed Products Seller

If you’re a photographer or designer, you can create unique images and then have them printed on various products like t-shirts and mugs, then use Instagram to promote your offerings.

Prop Stylist

Instagram is also a great place to showcase your talent as a stylist. You can organize photoshoots and use your Instagram account as a way to showcase your style and offerings to brands.

Instagram Food Channel

Foodies, you can post about all of your favorite dishes and restaurants and then work with those food brands to build an income directly from your Instagram account.

Fashion Blogger

50 Instagram Business Ideas - Fashion Blogger

You can also start a sort of fashion blog directly on Instagram, sharing photos of your outfits and working with clothing brands as an influencer.

Personal Stylist

Also in the fashion niche, you can use Instagram to show off your style and then let potential clients contact you to procure your services as a personal stylist.

DIY Expert

Another niche you can focus on with your Instagram account is to post tutorials and DIY projects to help your followers learn new techniques. Then you can work with sponsors and brands that offer supplies for your projects.


Instagram is also a great place to show off your baking skills, especially if you offer cookies or items that have cool decorative elements. You can post your creations and let customers place orders with you directly.

Food Blogger

Or you can make food items that you don’t actually sell, but instead offer recipes and then work with grocery and food brands as an influencer.

Travel Blogger

You can also work with travel brands like airlines and hotels by sharing your travels and some useful travel tricks and tips with your followers.

Lifestyle Blogger

instagram business ideas

Or you can take a more general approach with your Instagram content and then work with a variety of different brands that might appeal to your target followers.

Makeup Artist

Being a makeup artist is all about showcasing transformation and creativity. Instagram, being a visual platform, provides the perfect opportunity for this.

By uploading your makeup looks, you can give potential clients a glimpse of your talent and style. Not only can they admire your work, but they can also easily reach out to book your services.

For anyone considering starting a makeup business, Instagram is the ideal place to build a portfolio and client base.

Hair Stylist

Hair is a canvas, and as a hairstylist, you can demonstrate your skills on Instagram. By posting images of your diverse hairstyles, from cuts to colors, you can attract a variety of clientele. People are always on the lookout for a stylist who resonates with their taste.

By allowing clients to email or message directly, you simplify the booking process, making it user-friendly for those eager to transform their locks.

Handmade Business Owner

Instead of relying on a platform like Etsy or setting up your own ecommerce site, you can post photos of handmade products and let customers claim or bid on them in the comments.


Instagram is also a great platform for visual artists like illustrators. Post photos of your work and then let customers order prints of different images or order custom work.

Custom Portrait Artist

Or you can take a more service based approach to selling your artwork. Use your Instagram account as a portfolio and let customers order custom portraits of their families.

Graphic Designer

You can also use Instagram as a portfolio for your graphic design work and then let clients contact you directly to procure your services.

Infographic Designer

instagram business ideas

Or you can get even more specific and offer infographic design services, using Instagram to post interesting examples of your work.

Lettering Service

You can also offer custom lettering or calligraphy services to brands or individuals that want to put a unique touch on things like signs or wedding invitations. Use Instagram to show off your work.


While photos get a lot of the attention, Instagram also lets users post short videos. So you can start a business as a videographer and use the platform to show off your skills. (Remember Instagram videos are quite short so you will have to be creative!)


Animation brings stories to life, and Instagram is a vibrant stage for such visual tales. If you’re thinking of delving into animation, this platform allows you to share snippets or full-length animations, engaging viewers and potential clients.

Whether it’s character designs, short animated clips, or intricate storyboards, by regularly uploading your work, you can build a following and attract businesses or individuals looking for animation services.

Instagram’s visually-driven nature is ideal for animators to not only gain exposure but also network with other artists and potential clients in the industry. It’s a modern way to start your journey in the animation business.


You can also post videos of yourself singing or playing music on Instagram and let people book your services for weddings or special events. (Again, the brevity of videos on Instagram will require a very creative approach to make this work.)

Even More Instagram Business Ideas


Similarly, if you have a unique talent like performing magic tricks or juggling, you can show off your skills in Instagram videos and give people a quick way to get in touch with you to book your services for events.


You can also show off short bits of a stand-up comedy routine on Instagram and share your funny personality with people who might be interested in booking your services.

Secondhand Goods Seller

If you have some vintage or secondhand goods to sell, you can use Instagram as a platform where you can post each item and then let customers place bids if they want to purchase.

Brand Ambassador

There are a number of unique ways you can use Instagram to post about a specific brand or product. And if you grow enough of a following, you might be able to make some extra money or get some extra perks thanks to those posts.

Pet Personality

50 Instagram Business Ideas - Pet Personality

It might sound crazy, but you can actually start an Instagram account that revolves around a pet or animal, then build a brand around it as popular examples like Grumpy Cat have demonstrated.

Public Speaker

For those looking to offer services as a public speaker, you can use your Instagram account to share your expertise and even offer examples of your talks through Instagram Live.

Webinar Host

You can also build a business around offering webinars on a particular subject, using Instagram as a way to grow your audience and show off your expertise.

Live Event Promoter

Instagram is also a great place to promote live events. So if you want to build a business as an event promoter, you can rely heavily on the platform.

Event Organizer

Or you can offer more in-depth services as an event organizer, using Instagram as a way to showcase your work and communicate with potential clients.

Meme Maker

Brands will sometimes pay for people to make memes as a way of creating some buzz. So you can use Instagram as a way to make and share memes.

Photo Editing App

If you have the skills to develop an app, you can build your app around Instagram, creating photo or video editing features for other users.

Instagram Consultant

Or if you want to share your Instagram expertise with others, you can work as a consultant, using your own account to share your expertise.

Advertising Specialist

As an advertising specialist, you can tap into this platform’s potential by offering tailored Instagram advertising services. Brands, both big and small, are constantly on the lookout for expertise to effectively use Instagram ads.

By showcasing successful campaigns and highlighting your strategies, you can attract businesses wanting to amplify their reach. Instagram’s diverse advertising options mean there’s a niche for everyone, making it a promising venture for those keen on diving into the world of social media marketing.

Instagram Contest Service

Contests have always been a magnet for engagement and brand visibility on Instagram. Recognizing this trend, you can offer specialized services dedicated to managing and executing Instagram contests.

From brainstorming contest ideas to ensuring rules compliance and selecting winners, your service can handle it all. By sharing past contest successes and testimonials on your Instagram, you can demonstrate the value you bring to brands.

For budding entrepreneurs, this service presents an exciting opportunity to carve a niche in Instagram marketing, helping brands create buzz and fostering community engagement.

Business Coach

You can also use Instagram to offer more general consulting services to other businesses, simply using the platform to share your knowledge and build up your credibility with potential clients.

Life Coach

Or you can get even more general and offer life coaching services, using posts for quick advice and Instagram Live for more in-depth content.

Fitness Coach

50 Instagram Business Ideas - Fitness Coach

You can also focus on another area for your coaching business like fitness. Use the video feature to really show off your expertise.

Online Course Creator

You might also create some online courses that people can purchase to learn more about using Instagram and marketing on the platform.

Live Workshop Instructor

Or you can focus on teaching live classes on a specific subject, using Instagram to promote your offerings and book students.

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