Instagram Introduces Profiles, Gets More Like Facebook

Instagram introduced profiles this week, becoming more like its big brother Facebook, some say. In today’s roundup, we have a look at the photo sharing super site and how new photo sharing tools are becoming useful in the online business community. You should think about the possibilities photo sharing social tools can offer your business. Add a new visual dimension to your brand, and you may be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Improving Your Image

In profile. This week, the photo sharing social site unveiled what some fans think is its crowning achievement so far. The company’s blog introduced the new feature as something demanded by members—Web profiles. You can share your profile with others you want to see your photos. Web profiles also provide a handy way to follow other users, comment, and like photos. Instagram Blog

Forward facing. If all this sounds familiar, yes, it reminds everybody a little bit of Facebook, the social network that acquired Instagram earlier this year. But the evolution may be more than just a family resemblance. It’s a natural next step for an application that is pushing photo sharing on the social Web to the next level. What do you think? All Things Digital

Framing the Conversation

Instagram errors. Clearly, you don’t need to spell out to business owners already using social media to power their marketing the value of adding Instagram to the mix. Still, blogger James T. Noble insists there are least three big mistakes businesses make when deciding to use Instagram for marketing purposes. Growth University

Social media myths. If anything, the rise of Instagram has only encouraged more complaints by those who just don’t get it. They ask who wants to see all these photos you’re sharing…or read about what you just ate, or know where you just checked in. A lot of people do, says small business owner Liz King, and if you don’t understand why, your business could be left behind. Liz King Events

The one list Instagram didn’t make. Interestingly, the one list of big photo sites online Instagram doesn’t make is the list of free photo sites bloggers and other content creators use to add images to their posts and articles. Blogger Leah Singer doesn’t even mention the biggest photo sharing site on the web in her post, but commenter Martin Lindeskog points out the social site will likely soon introduce a similar feature. Merchantos

Instagram Intelligence

An infographic education. If you want to get a better understanding of the social sharing culture that now includes users of apps like Instagram, you’ll want to check out this post and the infographic that comes with it. Editor and Community Manager Kelly Ferrier explains how sharing photos of the food she eats is a way of sharing her passion for vegetarianism and cooking. Learn more about why your audience shares. Communicatto

An inspiration for others. Instagram is much more than just a marketing tool for small businesses. A startup eventually purchased by mega social network Facebook for $1 billion, it now serves as an inspiration for many small businesses of what can be possible with a simple, well executed idea. Startup blogger Caimin Jones discusses why Instagram has become a startup superstar. Genius Startup

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