Instagram Partner Program Unveiled for Business Users

Instagram Partner Program

Social Media offers some great opportunities to market your business. But you might have found that the results gained from a social media ad campaign can leave something to be desired.

Instagram has recently announced a new Partner Program to help businesses of all sizes get the marketing results they are looking for. There are already 40 business partners in the Instagram Partner program that can give advice to businesses of all sizes on using tools to simplify and scale their business success on Instagram.

With the new program, businesses using Instagram for growth now have a place to turn for insight. There are three main areas of expertise offered by the Partner Program.

Ad Tech is intended to assist advertisers to manage their ads throughout the planning, buying and optimization process and keep things at scale. Community Management addresses how businesses understand their target community, manage comments and gain audience insights. Content Marketing looks at how businesses source, deliver, and create their Instagram content.

According to Instagram, the program can be instrumental in solving a variety of problems businesses may face while using the service. Challenges include driving more app installs, promoting more in-store traffic from customers, or driving both brand and performance objectives. Instagram also claims the Partner Program can help a wide range of businesses achieve their marketing goals.

The Instagram Partner Program

Instagram is already touting the success of its Partner Program.

One report shared touts an entertainment company that saw a 64 percent higher return on investment than their previous benchmark after using the Instagram Partner program to help target ads to specific audiences. Another report recounts  how a fashion eyewear company claims it saw a “77 percent higher return on ad spend over our link ad campaigns — with a 26 percent lower cost-per-click and almost half the cost-per-action.”

It’s not just businesses using the Instagram Partner program that have seen success either. According to Instagram, the program is also benefiting the companies that have signed on as Partners. Instagram says the new program also assists members in growing their own businesses while satisfying clients.

For example, James DeJulio, Co-founder, President and Chief Creative Officer at Instagram partner Tongal was quoted, “Advertisers are clamoring to unlock the power of Instagram’s massive and influential platform…Our clients are already seeing outsized returns by combining the work of Tongal’s community of independent filmmakers with Instagram’s ad platform.”

If you are interested in becoming a partner and earning an Instagram Partner program badge, here’s how to do it. But be warned, the program does have a stringent list of requirements.

For starters a prospective partner must “demonstrate excellence” in at least one of the three main specialty areas offered by the program. Other requirements include a transparent business model, resources dedicated to staying current with technology and policy changes and a track record of client success. And those are just the basic requirements.

There is no way to tell at this point if the success stories Instagram is claiming for both businesses and the partners of this program are the exception to the rule, or typical of what you can expect from using this new service. But the potential is there for a program that could really help small businesses on their way to successful Instagram marketing.

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