16 International Business Travel Tips

international business travel

Finding the best international travel tips can be challenging, especially when it’s for international travel. But knowing what to prepare for before and while you’re on the trip is a huge part of business travel safety, especially for those newer to business travel. So we’ll go through some important international travel tips to keep in mind in this article to help your next international trip for work be much better and easier.

How to Use these International Travel Tips

If you’re planning to travel abroad, these business travel tips can help make trip planning much more manageable, regardless of the destination country. These tips can be helpful for newer business travelers and serve as a good reminder for seasoned business travelers to optimize their next trip. Of course, you can always share more travel tips in the comments to help others plan their trips as well!

International Travel TipsDescription
Challenges of International TravelInternational travel can be daunting, especially for business purposes. Knowing how to prepare for your trip and what to expect is crucial for ensuring safety and success.
Using International Travel TipsThese business travel tips are designed to make trip planning more manageable, catering to both new and seasoned travelers. Feel free to share additional tips in the comments to assist fellow travelers.

Amazing Tips for International Travel

We’ve collected tips to improve your next business trip traveling abroad, keeping in mind a new traveler and an experienced world traveler and what would be most helpful. Whether you’ve just left your home country for the first time or have traveled a lot, we’ve developed this list to ensure your international travel checklist covers everything.

1. Plan ahead for your international trip

The first tip for any international travel is to always, always, always plan ahead. Every country is different, and there are lots of little nuances and details that may trip you up while you’re there – or even when on your way. For first-time travelers especially, it’s important to do your research before your international adventures around the foreign country itself, such as any customs forms you might need, important documents, and advice from other travelers.

2. Research local customs for the foreign country you’re going to

Building from the previous tip, one of the first things international travelers tend to research is local customs. That could include common gestures, phrases, anything that could be construed as offensive (even if it’s fine in your home country), traditions, and public transport options such as trains and bus rides. Plus, you’ll get some travel inspiration to help you plan your trip a bit more efficiently and understand the nuances of where you’re going

3. Watch out for jet lag

For first-time travelers, the effect of jet lag is often underestimated. When traveling abroad, it’s hard for your body to adjust to the time difference, and it can be challenging to be productive and get things done. So if you’re traveling on international flights, prepare yourself for the prospect of jet lag and take measures to avoid it. While there’s no one specific method to get over jet lag, you can reach out to fellow travelers who’ve gone to your destination before your long-haul flight to get specific advice on the time zone differences. Even if it means taking a nap early in the day if possible, or getting into a bed a few hours before can help alleviate jet lag to an extent.

4. Get travel insurance

Travel insurance is another major travel tip that makes your first time flying internationally less stressful. It can help you save money in the long run, especially if flights are delayed or canceled, or even with lost luggage. Ultimately, travel insurance gives you peace of mind, which is why it’s often quoted as one of the best international travel tips. You can purchase travel insurance before leaving for overseas travel to ensure you have coverage for the trip.

16 International Business Travel Tips

5. Avoid international fees

Another key way to save money during the trip is to avoid foreign transaction fees where possible. For example, many credit cards end up costing more during travel overseas because of international fees and exchange rates. Talk to your credit card company beforehand to figure out ways to avoid hidden fees.

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6. Opt for mobile boarding passes

To ensure faster boarding, you can get mobile boarding passes for your flight by using the online check-in features offered by many airlines. Generally, you can access check-in 24-48 hours before your departure date on your airline’s website and enter passport details plus other relevant details to get your boarding pass.

7. Be careful of local food

Once you arrive at your final destination for the business trip, try to be mindful of what you eat. Experiencing local food and cuisine is great, but too much street food and other unknowns might end up leading to sudden illnesses or health issues. Before leaving for your trip make sure to research more about local cuisine and customer reviews to figure out where you can eat safely.

8. Identify the nearest currency conversion centers

Many countries don’t support certain types of credit cards or debit cards, making it challenging to pay for transactions unless you have local currency. If you have to carry local currency, currency conversion centers are available to facilitate that. Try to compare the exchange rate where possible to ensure you’re getting the most for your money. You might also be able to locate partner banks that work with your US bank that offer easy conversion options for travelers looking to get local currency.

16 International Business Travel Tips

9. Look for deals on international flights

There are many ways to find cheap international flights for your business trip. You can check travel aggregator websites such as Kayak and others to find the cheapest flights and compare prices before making an online booking. Flights are often discounted at certain times of the year, which isn’t always a widely known travel tip. If you’re able to be strategic with your business travel, you might find better deals during off-season versus peak times like summer.

10. Check before renting a car

If you have another international driver’s license or international driving permit, you can usually find deals for car rentals in many countries. Before your first international trip, you can check with your hotel to see if they offer any deals for car rentals and save while traveling. You might also be able to find deals online through travel aggregators and more, especially if you book in advance.

11. Keep your travel documents safe

It’s incredibly crucial to keep your travel documents safe during international travel. A stolen or missing passport will make your trip that much more stressful, which is why this is such a popular travel tip. Keep your important documents in your carry-on bag when undertaking international travel such as your passport, visa, work authorization, and more. When you arrive at your hotel room, make sure to keep your documents in the hotel safe for added protection, and to avoid losing them or having any mishaps.

12. Invest in a good carry on

A good carry-on bag makes international travel that much easier, especially if it’s your first international trip. Make sure to check what dimensions are allowed on the airline you’re flying with, as foreign countries and their airlines may differ. Depending on the size needed, you can purchase additional travel equipment such as packing cubes and travel locks as well.

16 International Business Travel Tips

13. Buy a money belt

Walking around with your money and other items might be a bit scary initially, which is why purchasing a money belt can prove useful. This is one of the top tips for traveling because it enables you to keep your money close to you discreetly, without worrying about theft or pickpockets. You can purchase a money belt before your trip and keep it in your carry-on so it’s ready to use as soon as you arrive.

14. Use the right credit card provider

Using a good credit card when traveling abroad can benefit you immensely. You can use it for purchases to get points and rewards, which are useful for both international travel and domestic travel to get free flights and deals on hotel rooms. You can also redeem points and rewards during the trip to make it more cost-effective, and get more out of your credit card. Before leaving for your trip, scout for credit cards with the best deals for international destinations and ones that are widely accepted in most countries.

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15. Get Google Translate

Whether you’re trying to navigate business meetings or exploring the city through free walking tours. International travel tips often recommend apps like Google Translate because they can help you get around the city easier and speak with other people. It’s also useful if you’re exploring the city and wanting to make new friends. Use it to translate common phrases and sayings, and you can use the photo feature to translate restaurant menus and more.

16. Use a local cell phone provider

If you want to keep in touch with family members and colleagues more easily when traveling abroad, consider using a local cell phone provider. If you’re traveling abroad often or staying in one destination for a while, a local SIM is really useful to have. It’s one of the most popular international travel tips for many reasons. You can save money since you won’t incur roaming charges, and you’ll have access to the internet and data to keep in touch more easily.

International Travel TipsDescriptionKey ConsiderationsPreparationSafetyFinancesCommunication
1. Plan ahead for your international tripAlways plan ahead for international travel, researching the destination's customs, important documents, and seeking advice from fellow travelers. This is especially important for first-time travelers.Research customs and local practicesResearch customs and local practicesPrepare essential travel documentsTravel insuranceStay connected with family and colleagues
2. Research local customs for the foreign country you're going toLearn about local customs, including gestures, phrases, traditions, and public transportation options. This knowledge enhances your travel experience and helps you avoid cultural misunderstandings.Familiarize yourself with local etiquetteFamiliarize yourself with local etiquetteResearch cultural norms and behaviorsForeign transaction feesUse translation apps like Google Translate
3. Watch out for jet lagBe prepared for jet lag when traveling internationally. Adjusting to a new time zone can be challenging, so gather advice from experienced travelers on how to minimize its impact.Understand the effects of jet lagAdjust your schedule graduallyEnsure sufficient rest before travelCurrency conversion centersLocal SIM card or phone provider
4. Get travel insuranceInvest in travel insurance to protect yourself from unexpected issues like flight delays, cancellations, or lost luggage. It provides peace of mind during your international journey.Understand coverage and policiesPurchase comprehensive coverageKeep policy details accessibleMobile boarding passesEmergency contacts
5. Avoid international feesSave money by avoiding foreign transaction fees on credit cards. Discuss fee-free options with your credit card company to ensure cost-effective international spending.Notify your bank of travel plansUse credit cards with no foreign transaction feesCarry backup payment methodsBe careful of local foodCurrency conversion options
6. Opt for mobile boarding passesStreamline boarding by using mobile boarding passes, available through online check-in features on airline websites. This helps you skip long lines and board faster.Download airline appsComplete online check-inOrganize electronic travel documentsIdentify the nearest currency conversion centersLocal emergency numbers
7. Be careful of local foodEnjoy local cuisine but exercise caution with street food and unfamiliar options. Research local food safety and reviews to make informed dining choices during your trip.Review food safety guidelinesCheck online reviews and recommendationsCarry essential medicationsLook for deals on international flightsTranslation apps for language assistance

16 International Business Travel Tips


When it comes to international business travel, being well-prepared is key to a successful and stress-free trip. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned traveler, a comprehensive plan is crucial. To begin with, meticulous planning is essential. Research your destination thoroughly, including its unique customs, necessary forms, and essential documents. Seek advice from experienced travelers and fellow professionals who can provide valuable insights into the intricacies of your chosen international location. Planning ahead not only enhances your overall travel experience but also ensures you are well-prepared to navigate the destination’s specific requirements.

Understanding and respecting local customs is another vital aspect of international travel. Familiarizing yourself with gestures, traditions, and cultural norms will enable you to interact respectfully and meaningfully in foreign countries. This cultural awareness not only enhances your personal experience but also helps create positive impressions in professional settings. Additionally, jet lag can be a significant challenge for international travelers. To combat its effects, seek advice from those who have visited your destination before, learning strategies to minimize its impact, such as strategic napping or adjusting your schedule to the new time zone.

Travel insurance is a valuable investment that provides peace of mind during international trips. It offers protection against a range of potential issues, including flight disruptions, lost luggage, and unforeseen emergencies. Securing travel insurance before your journey ensures you are financially protected throughout your trip. Furthermore, avoiding international fees is a practical strategy to minimize expenses during international travel. Work with your credit card company to identify methods for circumventing foreign transaction fees and unfavorable exchange rates. This financial savvy can lead to substantial savings during your travels.

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