Can Keeping a Journal Really Improve Your Business Life?


There were many times in my life that I kept a journal. When I was young, I thought what I was thinking, and feeling was special and different (it wasn’t!). Now, when I travel for long vacations, I keep a journal, not about the trip, but what I am thinking and feeling. I find that when my mind is not clogged with daily business to-do lists, I have some of my new best ideas.

On The Small Business Radio Show this week, I talk with Case Kenny who created the “60 Day New Mindset Journal” to make sense of what was going on during the pandemic and keep his mental health. In the past year, he has sold hundreds of thousands of these journals.

Interview with Case Kenny

Case created this daily journal to explore mindfulness and awareness for 10 minutes a day. He says that taking time to examine your thoughts will improve your overall wellbeing. According to Case, it starts by being honest with yourself and “making it real” by writing it down- and he literally means writing it down on paper and not on a computer. Case believes that “there is something about feeling a page, physically touching the paper and seeing a progression that helps.”

Case feels that many journals sold are too prompted or just blank pages. His favorite exercise is to write about “where his focus is (past, present or future)? If it is in the past, I ask what did I learn? If it is in the present, I ask what I am grateful in the moment? If my focus is toward the future, I say what do I deserve in the future? This exercise helps me be more compassionate with myself.”

According to Case, “catching feelings for yourself” is where journals help. He says “stop being focused on what others think about you. Your relationship status or job doesn’t define you. There is not any right way to do anything in the world. There is no right way to live your life, but there is a wrong way- if you think there is always right way to do everything. That someone else has a blueprint for your life. In reality, you get to decide the right way on your own. “

Listen to the entire interview on The Small Business Radio Show.

Image: Case Kenny

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