10 Invoice Email Template Examples

invoice email template

For businesses, having a professional invoice email template can make communicating payment expectations to clients simple and efficient.

We’ve compiled 10 of the best invoice email template examples that are easy to customize and ensure invoices are sent out quickly, with all the important information included.

With these templates, you can provide clients with accurate reminders, friendly notes, and precise invoicing details. Let’s get started!

What is an invoice email?

An invoice email is more than just an automated message sent to clients; it’s a crucial component of modern business operations.

While its primary purpose is to communicate the expected payment amount, it often also contains breakdowns of services or products provided, tax implications, and possibly even discounts or promotions.

When utilized effectively, invoice emails serve as both reminders for customers and valuable records for businesses. They ensure that customers are aware of their payment obligations while also detailing the specifics of their purchase.

Automating this process, beyond saving valuable time, eliminates manual errors, ensures that the payment process is streamlined, and fortifies a consistent, professional rapport with clients.

invoice email template

Why should you use an email invoice template?

In today’s digital age, utilizing an email invoice template is almost a no-brainer for any astute business owner. Such templates allow for seamless integration of all relevant billing details, thereby simplifying the invoicing process.

By using a template, businesses can efficiently produce and send out polished and detailed invoices that reflect their brand’s professionalism. The precision that comes with these templates also means fewer errors, a major plus in the eyes of the customer.

With everything from product orders, associated costs, shipping details, to payment methods being automatically tracked and outlined, clients are less likely to contest the charges.

This heightened level of transparency and accuracy promotes trust, encourages on-time payments, and significantly reduces the likelihood of payment disputes or delays.

How to Write Invoice Email Templates

Writing an effective invoice email template for your business can help streamline the billing and invoicing process. Below are five tips to consider when creating an invoice email template:

  • Include Important Client Details. Make sure to include client contact and identity information as well as order details like product descriptions and cost, shipping and tax info, as well as payment due dates.
  • Use a Professional Tone. Keep language neutral and polite while still maintaining a professional tone that is appropriate for business communication.
  • Personalize Emails. Customize the templates by adding the client’s name or other personal touches to make them feel more personalized.
  • Double Check for Accuracy. Before sending out the emails, double-check all of the information included for accuracy to avoid complications down the line.
  • Include Payment Options. Make sure to include payment instructions, options, or other details about how the customer can make their payments in a timely manner.

invoice email template

Useful Invoice Email Template Examples

In e-commerce and online business operations, having the right invoice email template can significantly elevate a brand’s professionalism and efficiency.

Tailored to various niches and industries, these templates are designed to encapsulate all relevant billing details, leaving little room for error.

Not only do these templates serve a functional purpose, but they also present an opportunity for businesses to reinforce their branding and messaging.

By taking advantage of these, companies can convey their dedication to customer service, accuracy, and timeliness. Below are some illustrative examples that span different business domains, offering a glimpse into the adaptability and utility of invoice email templates:

  • Client Introduction Invoice Email Template: This template is tailored for initial client engagements, setting the tone for future billing communications while ensuring all pertinent details are covered.
  • Upcoming Payment Reminder Invoice Email Template: A proactive approach to billing, this template sends a courteous reminder to clients about impending payments, ensuring they’re aware and prepared.
  • Past Due Invoice Email Template: Designed to notify clients of a missed payment deadline, this template balances professionalism with urgency, prompting action without straining the client relationship.
  • Overdue Invoice Email Template: With a more assertive tone, this template serves to alert clients that their payment is significantly delayed, emphasizing the importance of immediate resolution.
  • Expired Payment Information Invoice Email Template: Focused on keeping client payment details up-to-date, this template informs clients that their saved payment method is no longer valid and requires updating.
  • Multiple Items Invoice Email Template: Ideal for businesses that often bill for several items or services at once, this template itemizes each component clearly, ensuring comprehensive understanding.
  • Recurring Bills Invoice Email Template: Streamlining the billing process for regular, repeated charges, this template is best suited for services or products billed on a cyclical basis.
  • Down Payment Invoice Email Template: For businesses requiring an upfront payment, this template clarifies the initial amount due while providing context for the remaining balance.
  • Advanced Payment Invoice Email Template: Designed for scenarios where clients opt or are required to pay in advance, this template details the services or products they’re pre-paying for.
  • Invoice Email Template for Contracted Clients: Tailored for long-term engagements, this template provides a structured billing format for clients with whom there’s an established contractual relationship.

Using these templates or drawing inspiration from them can revolutionize the way a business interacts with its clientele, making the payment process smoother and fostering trust.

Remember, the key is to choose or modify a template that aligns closely with the business’s specific needs and brand voice.

invoice email template

Client Introduction Invoice Email Template

A client introduction invoice email message should be used when introducing a new customer to your services. Here’s an example:

Subject line: Welcome aboard __________!

Dear __________,

We are pleased to introduce our services to you. We offer __________ at competitive prices.

As part of our standard agreement, payment is due within __________ days/weeks of invoice delivery. We accept payment by __________. There will be a late payment penalty fee of __________ if we receive payment after the due date.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at __________ or access our website at __________.

Thank you for taking the time to consider our services and we look forward to working with you soon!



Upcoming Payment Reminder Invoice Email Template

An upcoming payment reminder invoice email template should be used to remind customers of an impending or overdue payment. Let’s look at an example:

Subject line: Reminder for Payment for Invoice No. __________

Dear __________,

This is a friendly reminder that your payment for Invoice No. __________ is due on __________.

The invoice includes the following:

  • Product/Service Description: __________
  • Cost: __________
  • Shipping & Tax Information: __________

We accept payment by __________. Late payments will be subject to a late fee of __________. If you have any questions or need assistance with your payment, please contact us at __________.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter and we look forward to continuing working with you!



Past Due Invoice Email Template

Past-due invoice emails should be used to politely remind customers of a past-due payment. Here is an example template:

Subject line: Invoice No. __________ is Past Due

Dear __________,

This is a friendly reminder that your payment for Invoice No. __________ is now past due. We accept payment by __________. Please be sure to include a late fee of __________ with your payment.

Feel free to contact us at __________ if you have any questions or need assistance with your payment.

We appreciate your prompt attention to this matter and look forward to continuing our business relationship.

Best regards,


[Company Name]

Overdue Invoice Email Template

This template is best used for reminders of payments that are more than two weeks overdue. Here’s an example:

Subject line: Invoice No. __________ is Overdue

Dear __________,

We wanted to remind you that Invoice No. __________ is now over two weeks past due. Payment is required by __________ to avoid further penalties and fees. We accept payment by __________.

For any questions, please contact us at __________.

We thank you for your attention to this matter and would appreciate prompt payment.



Expired Payment Information Invoice Email Template

An expired payment information invoice email template should be used when a customer’s payment information has expired or become outdated. Let’s check out an example below:

Subject line: Payment Information Required for Invoice No. __________

Dear __________,

This is a reminder that your payment information on record for Invoice No. __________ has expired or become outdated. Please provide the most recent information by __________ in order to process your payment and avoid late fees or other penalties. We accept payment by __________.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at __________.

We appreciate your prompt attention to this matter.



Multiple Items Invoice Email Template

This template is best used for reminders of payments that are due on multiple items. Here’s an example template you can use in your business:

Subject line: Upcoming Payment Reminder for __________

Hello __________,

This invoice is to remind you that payments on your recent purchases are due by __________. The items included in this invoice are the following:

  • Product/Service 1: __________
  • Product/Service 2: __________
  • Product/Service 3: __________

We accept payment by __________. Late payments will be subject to a late fee of __________. If you have any questions or need assistance with your payment, please contact us 24/7 at __________.

Best regards,


Recurring Bills Invoice Email Template

For recurring bills, regular reminders should be sent to customers. Here’s an example template for you:

Subject line: __________ Recurring Bill Payment Reminder

Hello __________,

This email is to remind you that your recurring bill payment for __________ is due by __________. We accept __________ payments online or over the phone.

Have questions regarding your payment? Contact us at __________.



Down Payment Invoice Email Template

If you require customers to make a down payment prior to fulfilling their order, this template will help remind them of their pending payments.

Subject line: Down Payment Due for __________

Dear __________,

This is a friendly reminder that the down payment for your order of __________ is due by __________. You can make your payment online via __________.

Should you have any questions or require assistance with the payment, please contact us at __________.

Thank you,


Advanced Payment Invoice Email Template

When customers need to make an advanced payment, a reminder email can help them stay on track. Here’s an invoice email message example that you can use:

Subject line: Advanced Payment Required for __________

Dear __________,

This is a friendly reminder that the advanced payment for your order of __________ is due by __________. You can make your payment online at __________ or by calling __________.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter! Please contact us at __________ if you require assistance.



Invoice Email Template for Contracted Clients

For contracted clients, send out reminders of payment that is due using this template:

Subject line: Payment Reminder for Contract No. __________

Hello __________,

This email serves as a reminder that the payment for Contract No. __________ is due by __________.

You can pay quickly and easily online at __________ or by calling us at __________ M-F between the hours of __________.

If you need any help, feel free to reach out to us by email at __________ or by giving customer service a call at __________.

Thank you,


invoice email template

Comparing Invoice Email Templates

For a quick glance at the key differences between our invoice email templates, refer to the comparison table below. This table summarizes the primary purpose and unique elements of each template to help you select the most appropriate one for your business needs.

Template TypePrimary Use Case
Client Introduction InvoiceIntroducing a new customer to your services
Upcoming Payment Reminder InvoiceReminding customers of an impending or overdue payment
Past Due InvoicePolitely reminding customers of a past-due payment
Overdue InvoiceReminders for payments more than two weeks overdue
Expired Payment Information InvoiceNotifying about expired or outdated payment information
Multiple Items InvoiceReminders for payments on multiple items
Recurring Bills InvoiceRegular reminders for recurring bill payments
Down Payment InvoiceReminding about down payments for orders
Advanced Payment InvoiceReminders about making advanced payments before receiving services or products
Invoice for Contracted ClientsPayment reminders specifically for contracted clients

invoice email template

How do you politely send an invoice via email?

When small businesses send invoices, they need to make sure to include a brief but informative message that explains why the invoice is being sent and what payment methods are accepted along with the attached invoice.

Having the invoice attached makes it easier for customers to view and pay right away without needing to hunt down the information in a separate email or website.

What should you include in an email invoice?

An email invoice should include key details such as the sender’s name, contact information, company information, itemizations of goods or services provided, total cost, and payment due date.

A clear description of how to pay the invoice should also be included. To facilitate easier processing, include an invoice number for the product/service offered, and consider using invoicing software or accounting software.

In order to ensure timely payment, an informative yet polite tone should be maintained in the email body.

How do you email a past-due invoice?

When emailing clients about past due invoices, it’s important to note the payment deadline or due date, any late fees that have been accrued, and a polite reminder to pay the full amount as soon as possible.

You should use a friendly yet firm tone when you request payment to maintain professionalism and encourage them to pay. It’s beneficial to provide multiple payment options such as credit cards or electronic transfers.


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