What Are the New Rules When Your Employees Work from Home?

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It has been a difficult transition to having staff members go from the office to working from their homes.

Leaders were used to their team being all in one place and everyone knew the rules when you were at the office.

But what happens now when your team is working from home?

Jaime Lizotte of ComplyRight and HR Direct on Your Remote Work Policy

On The Small Business Radio Show this week, Jaime Lizotte, the HR and Tax Compliance Solutions Manager at ComplyRight and HR Direct discusses the elements to updating your remote work policy. She explains that every company needs to set employee expectations and adjust their work rules in a written policy during the COVID-19 pandemic. This should include:

  1. How employees are selected to work from home. Jaime believes that every business needs to explain in detail what the company’s reopening plan is and how you are putting the safety of your employees first. Remember that some of your staff may be at higher risk than others.
  2. Post expected work hours and availability. Jaime says there are a lot of gray lines for work life balance when working from home. Hourly employees need to use an electronic record keeping service to track their hours worked. Jaime warns that if this is not done, it can result in unauthorized overtime that still needs to be paid by the employer.
  3. What equipment will be used at home and is it a safe work environment. Will employees be using their own computer and furniture at home? Jaime says that employers are still responsible for a safe ergonomic work environment even when they are at home and could be liable if they get injured.
  4. Paid time off and absences. This needs to be tracked carefully especially those related to COVID-19. According to Jaime, the Family First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) is broad law that provides paid leave for two weeks related to the pandemic. Employers get tax credits to offset this, but documentation is key to obtaining the credit.

Listen to the entire interview on The Small Business Radio Show.


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