Jennifer Jacobs Goes from Peloton Instructor to Personal Influencer

jennifer jacobs

The personal fitness industry has undergone as many changes as the rest. And Jennifer Jacobs is at the forefront of the industry’s latest evolution – online technology.

Where people used to have to trundle to a gym to work out together, led by a fitness instructor, today it’s different.

Companies like Peloton and Nordic Track are connecting the fit and bringing personal trainers into millions of homes across the US.

Small Business Radio Show Interview w/ Jennifer Jacobs

On the Small Business Radio Show this week, joining us is one of my favorite motivational trainers, Jennifer Jacobs of JMethod Fitness.

Jacobs is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and holds over a dozen certifications recognized internationally spanning from Strength & Conditioning Coach to Performance Enhancement Specialist.

She taught for 3 years as a very popular Peloton instructor.

Dairy Farm to France to Instagram

In my interview, Jennifer talks about how she went from growing up on a dairy farm. She then found herself living in the south of France teaching fitness classes in person and online.

She recalls, “The freshman 15 definitely hit me. So, sophomore year, I joined a 24 Hour Fitness. I gained access to 5 training sessions and the manager of the personal trainers offered me a role as a personal trainer. So, that is how I got into personal training. And six months later, I was running my own independent personal training business.”

Jennifer discusses how video training has evolved from the time that Jane Fonda and Tony Little did their exercise videos. Now, the training is on your iPad or the exercise equipment.

She says, “The platforms have changed. Now, instead of popping in the VHS of Jane Fonda or plugging in the ’90s DVDs of P90X, we now have platforms. Equipment that have the training on it. So, it makes it even more portable,” adds.

“You can’t take your television with you wherever you go. But now, it’s on your phone, even. You have no excuses,” she says. “You’re also able to reach and motivate more people especially with the use of social media as a combination with video training.”

Personal Fitness Trainers as Motivators

Personal trainers have become personal motivators.

Jennifer says, “Each of my client’s goals become my own goals. Each struggle, my struggle. Each challenge, my challenge.”

On social media, she says, “For a person who’s looking for someone to motivate them, they can now scroll through their Instagram feed and try to find someone who’s inspiring. It also allows you to train in the comfort of your own home. And it provides you with a wealth of knowledge if you find the right people to follow on social media, that they’re educating you on how to better yourself.

“It’s definitely changed the game and it’s really an exciting time with a combination of online training and social media,” she says.

Importance of Overcoming Fear

Jennifer talks about what holds people back from accomplishing anything.

She says, “It could be fear. But it could also be that the fitness industry has become a very daunting place, in the sense that there are so many options, so many diets, so many methods that it becomes a bit confusing for the user.

“So, the person who’s wanting to make that first step, first they have to get over the fear of ‘Oh, I’m going to feel awkward. I’m going to feel bad.’ Any time you do anything new, when you start boxing, if you start jump roping, any new thing you do, you’re going to be a little awkward at it.,” Jacobs says.

Helping People Reach Their Start

At some point, people have to overcome their fears. That’s when they can get started.

“Once you allow your body to adapt, you become better,” she says in our interview. “Once you get past that, it’s ‘Where do I start?’ There’s so much out there. My focus is to really simplify things, provide people with the knowledge so that it’s easier to start.”

Jennifer gives advice to professionals that want to become personal trainers.

She says, “I think the first bit of advice is to have a purpose. I always say to my own clients that you must train with a purpose. Whatever movement it is, there needs to be a purpose to this movement. Same goes if you want to be a trainer, have a purpose. From there, find your voice, find the platform so you can speak. Now with all of the advancements of video training and social media, you have the ability to be as loud as you want.”

Listen to the entire interview on the Small Business Radio Show.


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