Spotlight: Judy Security Brings AI to Small Business Cybersecurity Solutions

All businesses need to take cybersecurity seriously. But the resources available to small businesses often don’t compete with those made for larger enterprises. That’s exactly the gap that Judy Security aims to fill. Read about the company and its cybersecurity solutions made for SMBs in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Provides cybersecurity solutions to SMBs.

CEO Raffaele Mautone told Small Business Trends, “Judy Security offers a comprehensive, all-in-one cybersecurity platform, underpinned by artificial intelligence and automation, but purpose built for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

“The platform includes the following enterprise-grade cybersecurity capabilities at a price SMBs can afford (only $14/month):

  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR): Judy Security’s platform offers EDR capabilities to detect and respond to threats on endpoints, helping to protect devices and systems from cyberattacks.
  • DNS Filtering: DNS filtering services enhance web security by blocking malicious websites and preventing users from accessing potentially harmful content.
  • Password Manager: Judy includes a password manager to help users securely manage their passwords, reducing the risk of credential-based attacks.
  • Judy’s Blue Team Cloud SIEM + XDR: This feature combines Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Extended Detection and Response (XDR) capabilities to provide advanced threat detection and response.
  • Automated Compliance Management and Reporting: Judy Security’s platform automates compliance management tasks, ensuring that businesses adhere to relevant regulations and standards. It also generates reports to demonstrate compliance.
  • Secure Authentication: Judy offers secure authentication solutions to protect user access, including multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on (SSO) capabilities.
  • Security Awareness Training: Judy provides security awareness training to educate employees and users about cybersecurity best practices, reducing the risk of social engineering attacks.”

Business Niche

Creating an accessible solution for SMBs.

Mautone says, “In contrast to many competitors that primarily serve larger enterprises with costly solutions, Judy Security is committed to delivering enterprise-grade protection at a price point that’s accessible to SMBs, addressing a critical pain point in the market. Moreover, Judy Security leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to enhance cybersecurity efficacy. This minimizes the demand for extensive in-house cybersecurity expertise, making Judy Security an attractive choice for SMBs with limited resources.”

Business Origin

After a successful career working for large tech companies, Mautone started his career working for Dell in Austin. He also held positions with McAfee, FireEye, and Duo. While working for these providers, he noticed that solutions for SMBs were either simplified corporate tools or overly expensive. So, he set out to create something better.

Biggest Win

Successfully navigating the pandemic.

Mautone says, “We were a small but mighty team and overcame so many challenges in the business and at home during this time.”

Lesson Learned

Be open to learn constantly.

Mautone explains, “Every moment is a teachable moment, a lesson learned. And every moment has gotten us to where we are today. We were built to be different, to cater to an audience that was underserved, and to provide them with the solutions they need to be successful. We stay close and listen to every suggestion our SMB customers or partner shares with us, to ensure we stay at the forefront of their cybersecurity needs.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Supporting the team.

Mautone says, “Without a doubt, I would reward our team members for all of their hard work that they give to our company on a daily basis. Without this team, we wouldn’t be the company we are today.”

Team Motto

GSD (Get stuff done!)

Mautone explains, “I love having a long list or complex project and just getting it done with the cross-functional team. I’ve said this now at three companies and it still holds true today. The minute a few of us can put a checkmark next to that item on our list is the biggest reward for all of us.”

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Image: Judy Security

Annie Pilon Annie Pilon is a Senior Staff Writer for Small Business Trends and has been a member of the team for 12 years. Annie covers feature stories, community news and in-depth, expert-based guides. She has a bachelor’s degree from Columbia College Chicago in Journalism and Marketing Communications.