Spotlight: Aggregates Social Media Content for Busy Entrepreneurs

Spotlight: Social Media Aggregator Aimed at Busy Entrepreneurs

Social media can be an incredibly effective tool for businesses. But updating every platform with valuable content can be time consuming. That’s where a social media aggregator like can help.

The company started as a small project and has since grown into a tool that businesses of all sizes could benefit from. Learn more below in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Provides a tool that aggregates social media content.

CEO Tim Schumacher told Small Business Trends, “ helps businesses boost their social media engagement through the use of our social media aggregation tool.”

Business Niche

Providing quality and affordability.

Schumacher says, “We’ve found the optimal balance between a high quality social media aggregator and an affordable price. Forget spending hundreds of dollars- all you need is $19 per month to unlock the power of Juicer. 15+ social media platforms to connect and customizable feed design options to make sure your feed blends seamlessly into your website.”

How the Business Got Started

As a small, separate venture.

Schumacher explains, “The business was originally founded by Ryan MacInnes and Amit Patel. My company then took the reins to help grow the company to greater heights.”

Biggest Win

Getting Jon Bon Jovi to use the product.

Schumacher adds, “Check out his site at – it runs on Juicer! That is so cool!”

Biggest Risk

Bringing on a partner.

Schumacher says, “We designed our tool as a social media tool for small businesses, and only sold directly to customers. One day, a potential reseller approached us, and wanted us to white-label Juicer for him. We hesitated, because being in the consumer business and being in the whitelabel/b2b-business is a different game, but ultimately found a fairly easy way to do it, and the partnership is working really well, delivering a six-digit amount every year, and a very happy, long-term partner.”

Lesson Learned

Be careful with investments.

Schumacher says, “There have been times over the years where I’ve wasted a ton of money in bad Angel investments. While disappointing in the moment, I take it as a learning opportunity. Each time I learn more about what not to do and better my ability to evaluate teams and ideas.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Developing the product and its features.

Schumacher says, “We certainly would use it to improve our product even further!”

Favorite Quote

“Go do it.”

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