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Jump start technology FREE guideTrying to keep track of technology is enough to make you dizzy, it changes so fast.

But the pace of technology change is actually good news for small businesses. Why? Because with each passing year month there are new solutions on the market.

  • Today’s technology does more.  Imagine keeping your business running while out of the office — by using your phone! Have you seen recently what you can do with an iPhone or Android phone? If not, you’re in for some fascinating surprises.
  • Today’s tech is often cheaper. In decades past, sophisticated technology was something only the largest businesses could afford. Today, much of the tech innovation is coming from the consumer world, then moving up to small business. Small businesses that are not burdened by huge legacy computer systems have an advantage. You may be able to transition to lower-cost technologies much faster than your larger corporate counterparts. Talk about competitive advantage.
  • Today’s tech is easier to deploy. In the past you might have been forced to let daily activities slide a bit while you devoted days or weeks to installing a new software program. Today, you can go online with a browser such as Chrome and be up and running within a couple of hours.

So that’s the good news.

But … (waiting for the other shoe to drop)

You have to educate yourself to stay abreast of new developments. Therein lies the first challenge.

The second challenge is that you have to understand how new tech can be applied in your business.  Who cares whether technology is wonderful in the abstract.  As someone responsible for profit and loss, you want to know one thing: what can this technology do for MY business?

Here’s a guide that can help:  The Keys to Connection: A Guide to Jumpstarting Technology.”

It’s a downloadable PDF. Once you go register for it, you can instantly download it. Then save it to your computer or print it out on your office printer.

It’s just 16 pages. So it’s a fast read.

It’s got a list of technology best practices. And it highlights a list of technologies that have the potential to help you run your business more profitably, serve customers better, and position your business to get to the next level.

And it’s FREE.

Download it Now!

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  1. Wow. Thanks for the free guide. Technological knowledge is a must to have these days. This guide is valuable even to employees.