Spotlight: Just Artisan Offers an Alternative for Handmade Sellers

Just Artisan Offers an Alternative for Handmade Sellers

There are plenty of options for independent artisans to sell their wares. But the current online marketplaces don’t always keep the needs of sellers in mind. That’s where Just Artisan stands out.

The new marketplace started out of a desire to help those selling on other platforms.

Small Business Spotlight: Just Artisan

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What the Business Does

Provides an online marketplace for handmade businesses.

Founder Marcello De Lio told Small Business Trends, “We are dedicated to providing our vendors with the tools they need to succeed selling online, including low fees, analytics tools, friendly support, and full control over their storefront.”

Business Niche

Low fees and support for vendors.

De Lio explains, “Many large marketplaces charge high fees to sell on their platform and provide little support for sellers after they have signed up. We have taken a different approach, and strive to put our vendors first.”

Origin Story

After noticing issues with existing options.

De Lio says, “I first came up with the idea for Just Artisan in 2018, when I met my girlfriend. She and some of her friends were selling their handmade goods on a large marketplace. But continually felt that the marketplace did not have their interest at heart. It bothered me to see such a large corporation take advantage of their sellers. With a background in business and web development, I knew that I could make a platform for artists that could be fair and transparent. By the end of 2019, I decided it was time to create a marketplace built for artists, and began working on Just Artisan. We currently have over 400 artists who call our platform home.”


Biggest Win

Helping artists.

De Lio explains, “With new vendors joining every day, it is clear that artists are in need of a marketplace like Just Artisan. We are encouraged by the support and feedback we are receiving and excited about the prospect of helping artists and small businesses.”

Biggest Risk

Competing with larger marketplaces.

De Lio adds, “It is too soon to tell the outcome of our decision to challenge the dominance of larger platforms. But we are confident that a marketplace built on trust and fairness can succeed.”

Lesson Learned

Start strong with marketing.

De Lio says, “If I could do it all over again I would ramp up marketing before rolling out the beta. When our site was ready for beta testing we had no email list, or interested artists, meaning we had to start from scratch. The initial few weeks were slow going. But we were able to make the best of it and add multiple vendors every day.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Online ads and influencer marketing.

De Lio says, “At this time we are happy with our platform. And although we are always tweaking and making adjustments, the money would be best spent raising awareness and bringing more buyers to the site.”

Company Mascot

A cockapoo named Dexter.

De Lio explains, “He is also our employee of the month, 5 months running, by unanimous vote.”

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Image: Just Artisan, Marcello De Lio

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