Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

business cartoon showing accounting graph

Business offers a treasure trove of cliches and jargon to play with.

I mean shifting paradigms might be a best-practice change agent, but only by proactively thinking outside of the box can you push the envelope into a client-centered 110% win-win value-added core competency.

See? And I’m not even breathing hard!

We’re all so used to them and we hear them so often that it’s easy to overlook what’s actually there. I bet actually “keeping your eye on the prize” all the time is probably pretty hard on the ol’ peepers, thus the cartoon above.

* * * * *

Mark Anderson, professional cartoonist

About the Author: Mark Anderson’s cartoons appear in publications including The Wall Street Journal and Harvard Business Review. Anderson is the creator of the popular cartoon website,, where he licenses his cartoons for presentations, newsletters and other projects. He blogs at Andertoons cartoon blog.


Mark Anderson Mark Anderson's cartoons appear in publications including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and Harvard Business Review. His business cartoons are available for licensing at his website,

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  1. Oh, this one is the funniest cartoon I’ve seen in a long time! And your description is even funnier than the cartoon, Mark, if that’s possible.

    – Anita

  2. Cute! I always love the small details you add like the eye chart in the back.

  3. It can feel like the tech industry is the worst at jargon that evolves into cliches. Being in the time clock software business, I live with the swirl of constant tech and employee related jargon. However, business is far from alone in abbreviating complex interactions to jargon that quickly becomes cliches. Listen to any sports announcer, celebrity entertainment show, watch a movie, or even visit your local school yard. It’s what we do as human being all the time… and what keeps observant humorists (and cartoonists) in business!

  4. My goodness! Thanks so much for all of the Tweets and lovely comments! Wow!

  5. Mark, You are good at combining witty cartoons with buzz words! 🙂