10 Ways to Get Creative and Kickstart Your Business’s Online Presence

kickstart Your business's online presence

An online presence is an essential part of growing a business in 2021. Whether you’re opening a local shop or running a company entirely online, your content and website can make a huge impact. Here, members of the online small business community share tips for shaking up your online presence.

Create TikTok Videos That Connect

TikTok has quickly become a huge part of the viral video scene. But viral videos don’t necessarily help unless you use them to actually connect to customers. Michael Stelzner goes over how to accomplish that goal in this Social Media Examiner post.

Distribute Your Content Like a Pro

Creating quality content for your online presence is only part of your job as a marketer. Once it’s created, you need to distribute it to relevant channels. This looks different for every business. But there are helpful tips in this Content Marketing Institute post by Jodi Harris. ??

Engage Your Followers with These Popular Social Media Posts

Most social media posts fall into categories. Some tend to be better for engagement tahn others. If you really want to connect and converse with your audience, try the types listed in this Oktopost post by Na’ama Shoshani.

Create a Blogging Schedule You Can Stick With

Blogging is all about consistency. But some bloggers have a tough time staying on a regular schedule, especially if they try to post daily. Instead, create a schedule you can actually handle. Lisa Sicard elaborates in this Growmap post.

Guard Against Web Accessibility Lawsuits

Businesses need to be accessible to people of all backgrounds and abilities. This doesn’t just apply to physical locations — it is also relevant to online businesses. Read about the potential for web accessibility lawsuits in this Pixel Productions post. And join the discussion over on BizSugar.

Automate Your Online Forms

Online forms can help you gather useful data from your audience. But they can also be time consuming. To automate this process, read the tips in this Biz Epic post by Ivan Widjaya.

Connect with Your Creative Side

There’s tons of competition to stand out online. So entrepreneurs need to get creative with their strategies. In this Aha!NOW post, Russell Emmental provides tips for getting creative in all aspects of your business.

Monitor Mentions with These Social Listening Tools

Your online presence isn’t just about promoting your own services. You also need to listen to what others are saying about your brand and industry. Social listening tools can streamline this process. Adeyemi Adisa lists several options in this Platter of Gold post.

Avoid Toxic Social Media

Social media is a powerful and generally free way to promote a small business. But people sometimes get caught up in negativity. And this can have far reaching effects for small businesses. Avoid the negative and benefit from the positive with the insights in this Mostly Blogging post by Janice Wald.

Promote Your Podcast

Podcasting is on the rise. You can build an entire business around a podcast or just use it to position yourself as a thought leader. Either way, promotion is key. Read the tips in this GMR Transcription post by Beth Worthy. Then check out the BizSugar community to see what members are saying.

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