25 Knitting Projects to Sell

knitting projects

Knitting projects offer a wonderful fusion of creativity and skill. For enthusiasts, turning these projects into a business venture can be both fulfilling and profitable. To aid you in this journey, the following patterns have been curated.

While some may have restrictions on resale, they can undoubtedly inspire and sharpen your craft, guiding you to create unique pieces for your inventory.

How Do You Start a Knitting Project?

If you’re ready to start your knitting journey, here are several steps to take:

  • Get inspired: Look at pictures of other knit items or decide what you want to make. Consider everything from color to yarn texture.
  • Gather supplies: Determine what type of yarn, needles, and other embellishments you need to complete your project.
  • Practice your craft: As you start knitting, watch tutorials, read patterns, and ask for help as you learn each stitch. Then keep practicing to hone your skills.
  • Edit as needed: You’ll learn a lot throughout your knitting experience, so change patterns or adjust your supplies as you go.
  • Photograph products: When you complete products you want to sell, photograph them in front of plain backgrounds and on models to showcase them.
  • Start selling: Sell products in online marketplaces, at craft fairs, in your own eCommerce shop, or in local retail stores.

knitting projects

Amazing Knitting Projects for All Levels of Knitters

Knitting transcends being just a hobby; for many, it’s a passion. Regardless of whether you’re a novice who’s just experiencing the magic of that first stitch or an expert crafting intricate patterns, the world of knitting never ceases to offer fresh inspiration.

Celebrating creativity, these projects cater to different skill levels, ensuring everyone finds a challenge suited to their proficiency.

1. Unisex Ribbed Scarf

This ribbed scarf is perfect for a beginner knitter because it’s fairly simple and uses big needles, making it easy to knit quickly.

2. Chunky Throw Pillow

These throw pillowcases use a stockinette stitch, which is a quick knitting technique. They’re also sewn onto a piece of fabric to complete the project quickly and fit a standard pillow insert.

3. Seed Stitch Bow Headband

This headband will keep your ears warm and make a style statement. This project uses a seed stitch and can be a great gift for the holidays.

4. Scrunchies

Scrunchies are typically made of fabric, but this free knitting pattern uses yarn to make a textured statement. Make these for all your friends or offer them in sets.

knitting projects

5. Button Rings

Button rings are the perfect project for new knitters. They are super small and basically involve knitting in a straight line. Then just attach your favorite vintage buttons or embellishments.

6. Gorgeous Confetti Scarf

This confetti scarf is another beginner-friendly project. It only requires one skein of multi-colored yarn. But the variety in shades makes the finished project look much more complex.

7. Textured Dishcloths & Pot Holders

Dishcloths and pot holders are flat, simple knitting projects. This pattern includes instructions like alternating knit and purl stitches and a (double) stockinette stitch to create a unique texture with acrylic yarn.

8. Breezy Kimono

This breezy kimono is a wearable knit, so it’s best suited for an experienced knitter. Select a loose-knit stitch and light yarn weight to make it breezy and perfect for multiple seasons.

9. Ribbed Scarf

This ribbed scarf is known as the “easy mistake stitch scarf,” since the simple pattern makes it easy to cover up errors.

knitting projects

10. Rustic Jumper

This jumper pattern calls for multiple stitches and techniques. So it’s ideal for someone with fairly advanced knitting skills. But it may also sell for a premium.

11. Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves are popular with smartphone users throughout winter. This project is ideal for those who prefer video tutorials.

12. Zig Zag Scarf

This infinity scarf uses circular needles and a zig-zag pattern to create a truly unique product.

13. Trendy Top

This short-sleeved top is ideal for those moving to an advanced beginner stage since it includes some simple stitches, but a few more complicated techniques as well.

14. Warm Poncho

A poncho can be an ideal gift since it’s easy to size and more substantial than a hat or scarf. But it’s a bit easier to knit than an actual sweater.

knitting projects

15. Garter Stitch Knit Bag

This knit bag uses a simple garter stitch and can be customized with various colors and strap materials.

16. Striped Baby Blanket

This knit blanket is ideal for a new baby, and can even be paired with other items like baby booties.

17. Child’s Cat Hat

This knit hat includes fun details like eyes and whiskers to make it look like a cat.

18. Bedroom Slippers

These slippers use Lion Brand Cotton Ease Yarn and a simple pattern to keep feet warm all winter long.

19. Small Dog Sweater

This dog sweater requires double-pointed needles and worsted weight yarn to keep small dogs warm.

knitting projects

20. Vintage Head Scarf

This simple scarf uses a basic pattern but can be embellished with rhinestones for extra flare.

21. Porch Shawl

Known as the back porch shawl, this project is cozy and can be a great project for fall and winter.


These bookmarks just require basic stitches, so they can be produced fairly quickly.

23. DIY Basket

For those who want to create home decor or gifts, this simple basket is an ideal project.

24. Gorgeous Knitted Bag

This knit bag includes both a basic garter stitch and some more complicated techniques. You can even opt for smaller versions for quick-knit projects.

25. Infinity Scarf

There are tons of simple patterns for infinity scarf projects. This one uses soft, warm yarn.

knitting projects

Top 25 Knitting Projects to Sell

Below is a concise table categorizing the 25 knitting creations by type, difficulty, and main materials. Use this as a quick reference guide to align projects with your skills and resources, aiding you in your knitting business journey.

CategoryProject NameDifficulty LevelKey Materials & Stiches
ScarvesUnisex Ribbed ScarfBeginnerBig needles, Yarn
Gorgeous Confetti ScarfBeginnerMulti-colored yarn
Ribbed ScarfBeginnerYarn
Zig Zag ScarfIntermediateCircular needles, Yarn
Infinity ScarfBeginnerSoft, warm yarn
Home DecorChunky Throw PillowIntermediateStockinette stitch, Fabric, Yarn
Textured Dishcloths & Pot HoldersBeginnerAcrylic yarn, Knit & purl stitches
DIY BasketIntermediateYarn
Hair AccessoriesSeed Stitch Bow HeadbandBeginnerSeed stitch, Yarn
Vintage Head ScarfBeginnerYarn, Optional rhinestones
Wearable AccessoriesButton RingsBeginnerYarn, Vintage buttons
Fingerless GlovesIntermediateYarn
Warm PonchoIntermediateYarn
Porch ShawlIntermediateYarn
ClothingBreezy KimonoAdvancedLoose-knit stitch, Light yarn weight
Rustic JumperAdvancedMultiple stitches, Yarn
Trendy TopIntermediateYarn, Simple stitches
BagsGarter Stitch Knit BagBeginnerGarter stitch, Yarn
Gorgeous Knitted BagAdvancedGarter stitch, Yarn
For KidsStriped Baby BlanketIntermediateYarn
Child’s Cat HatBeginnerYarn, Details for eyes & whiskers
MiscellaneousBedroom SlippersIntermediateCotton Ease Yarn
Small Dog SweaterIntermediateDouble-pointed needles, Worsted yarn

knitting projects

Where Can You Get Free Knitting Patterns?

The digital age has ushered in an era where sharing creativity is simpler than ever. Platforms like Lovecraft, Yarnspirations, and Instructables stand out as beacons for knitting enthusiasts, generously offering free patterns for various projects.

For those who have a specific knitting project in mind, a quick Google search incorporating terms like “free” and “knitting pattern” often yields an abundance of results, making it a treasure trove of inspiration for passionate knitters.

What is a Good Knitting Pattern for Beginners?

For those just stepping into the vast world of knitting, starting simple is key. Potholders and scarves serve as ideal projects. They primarily revolve around mastering the foundation of knitting – the basic knit and purl stitches.

Such items not only offer a sense of accomplishment but also a practical utility. As beginners gradually find their rhythm and gain confidence, they can explore the multitude of beginner-friendly patterns available in the list provided and beyond.

knitting projects

Can You Sell Your Creations Based on Someone Else’s Patterns?

Navigating the legalities of crafting can sometimes be murky. When it comes to knitting based on another individual’s pattern, the creator’s copyright claim becomes paramount.

Patterns labeled “for personal use only” stipulate clear boundaries – creations stemming from these are reserved for personal enjoyment or gifting, and commercial sales are off the table.

However, in the absence of such restrictions, artisans typically find themselves in the clear to monetize their handcrafted items.

Where Can You Sell Your Knitting Creations?

In today’s interconnected world, selling one’s unique knitted creations has never been more accessible. Traditional venues like craft fairs or local gift shops offer a tactile experience, letting buyers feel the intricacy of the knitwork.

On the digital front, platforms like Etsy and Amazon Handmade have revolutionized the craft market, allowing knitters to reach a global audience. For those seeking a more personalized online touch, establishing an individual eCommerce shop can be the route to showcasing their knitting prowess.

Before we wrap up, here’s something truly remarkable to inspire your knitting journey further. Witness the world record for the ‘Largest hand-knitted blanket.’ A monumental feat accomplished by more than 1,000 dedicated knitters from 32 different countries. Enjoy!

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