Las Vegas Business Gives Away Cash to Grow Social Media Following


A small business in Las Vegas is building a large social media following using a unique strategy – giving away cash.

Sticky Inky, a printing business that offers various products like stickers and decals, posts videos on their social accounts leading followers on scavenger hunts around the area. Each video starts by showing a sticker with a $100 bill attached, which is then stuck somewhere around the Vegas Valley. The video then zooms out to show a clue about the location, and followers have just minutes to find the cash. Each one includes the #FindSticky hashtag.

Sticky Inky’s owner, Roycen Shepherd, told FOX5 that it only took about 20 minutes for the first sticker to be found. And now each sticker gets scooped up in about eight minutes.

In addition, the company’s Instagram account now has more than 50,000 followers. And they’re racking up about 10,000 new social media followers per week. He can directly attribute much of this growth directly to the scavenger hunts.

Shepherd told FOX5, “We had a couple customers come in today… and literally put in some orders with us. They came in and said, ‘Hey we love your videos… we want to kind of give back and support you guys.’”

Most businesses want their social media strategies to ultimately make them money. But this type of strategy could ultimately be a worthwhile investment for the business. By providing a significant amount of new followers and engagement, Sticky Inky’s scavenger hunts may bring in lots of new sales and loyal customers over time.

Small businesses often invest in social media ads or other paid marketing initiatives. This option may seem unconventional. But the idea of paying a small amount of money and bringing in a larger, more engaged social media following can ultimately lead to success for a variety of businesses.

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