Learn the Rules for Entrepreneurship

The rules of entrepreneurship are always changing. From mastering the latest rules of small business funding to identifying the next global hotspot for entrepreneurship, the information you need is always in flux. What new rules for entrepreneurship have you learned?

Funding & Global Trends

Crowd-funding becomes bigger option. A new law makes crowd-funding more feasible for small businesses. Is it good or bad? It could make it easier for your business to get the funding it needs. What do you think? WSJ

Is Greece the next growth center? It could be, despite the bleak economic picture. Here’s what some enthusiastic business people are doing to change the status quo in this new frontier. You’re the Boss

Integrity & Ethics

Why integrity really matters. Is integrity something you’ve written into your business plan? It should be. Here are some ways to be sure that yours shines through and makes a difference in your market. Startup Professionals Musings

Another point of view on healthcare. Not every entrepreneur thinks the healthcare act is a bad idea. Though the controversy continues and many small business owners are clearly unhappy, here’s another view. USA Today

Startup Lessons

The true role of entrepreneurship. Readers in the U.S. and elsewhere will likely find the point of view in this article familiar. Countries that seek economic growth will find the recipe is not that complicated. The Express Tribune

Steps to a brilliant marketing plan. Here’s a look at how some businesses have reinvented marketing. If you’re an entrepreneur planning to unleash the next big thing, consider these tips on how to revolutionize your marketing effectively. Drew’s Marketing Minute

Better Business Models

The most important lesson. What does great entrepreneurship have in common with fishing? The answer will teach you the difference between a great business idea and a functioning business. WorkHappy.net

Why hasn’t anyone ever heard of Dialog? The precursor to Google sold searches as a scarcity, but ultimately plentiful information proved the winning formula. Which reminds you of your business? New Rules for the New Economy

Community & Connection

A guide to community building. Entrepreneurs use communities both as a place for networking and a place for customers to engage with their product or brand. Here Small Business Trends founder Anita Campbell talks about how to build one. ColderIce

Entrepreneurship goes global. Thanks to the power of the Internet, barriers that once separated us geographically are falling.  Entrepreneurs large and small now operate in a new global world. How are you leveraging global resources? Forbes

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