40 Leather Projects To Make And Sell

leather projects

Leather is a popular material for various products and accessories. So it can be a beneficial type of craft for handmade artisans to master. If you’re looking for leather projects to add to your online store or handmade business collection, here are some to consider.

What Can I Make From Leather?

Leather, with its durable and flexible nature, serves as an excellent material for crafting a myriad of products. From daily fashion staples to functional decor items, the possibilities are endless.

Commonly sought-after leather creations encompass stylish leather cuffs that can accentuate any outfit, chic purses for the fashion-forward, minimalist wallets for those who seek simplicity, and functional keychains that add a touch of sophistication to one’s belongings.

DIY Leather Projects: How To Begin Your Crafts

If you’re thinking of creating new, fashionable products using leather, here are some steps to take.


To begin your leather crafting journey, it’s always beneficial to gather inspiration from various sources. Delving deep into online platforms, browsing through dedicated leather craft magazines, or even visiting local artisans can stimulate creativity.

The following list, although not exhaustive, should provide a solid foundation for beginners or those looking to expand their repertoire of leather-based projects.

Basic Tools

For those just stepping into the world of leather crafting, knowing which tools and materials are essential can be overwhelming. Whether you’re dabbling in making small accessories or diving into larger projects, there are some fundamental items every leather artisan should have in their toolkit. The following table provides a curated list of these essential items, detailing their purpose and the types of projects they’re most suited for.

ItemPurposeBest For Projects Like
Leather (type/grade)Primary material for craftingBelts, Wallets, Bags
Durable Needle & ThreadFor sewing leather pieces togetherWallets, Bags, Luggage Tags
ScissorsFor cutting leatherAll Projects
Leather GlueFor binding leather pieces without stitchesCoasters, Hair Bows
Leather Hole PunchFor creating holes, typically for buckles or lacingBelts, Luggage Tags, Cuffs
Measuring TapeTo measure leather accuratelyAll Projects
Skiving ToolFor thinning edges of leather for easier folding/sewingWallets, Bags
Swivel KnifeFor carving designs into leather surfacesDecorative Projects, Cuffs
Burnishing ToolFor smoothing and rounding edges of leatherBelts, Wallets
Leather Dyes/PaintsFor adding color or designs to leather projectsDecorative Projects, Bags, Wallets
Mallet or MaulFor striking tools, ensuring even pressure without damageAll Projects
Pricking IronsFor marking stitch holes uniformlySewn Projects like Wallets, Bags
Edge BevelerFor rounding off sharp edges of leatherBelts, Wallets, Bags

Practice DIY Crafting

Like any art form, leather crafting requires patience, practice, and persistence. It’s essential to understand that mastery comes with experience. Thus, before putting your products up for sale, spend adequate time refining your skills.

Create multiple versions of a particular item, understanding the intricacies of the craft and rectifying mistakes along the way.

Start Selling

Upon achieving a level of proficiency in your chosen leather craft, the next step is showcasing your talent to the world. Capture high-quality photographs that highlight the details and beauty of each product.

Thereafter, leverage online platforms or local venues like craft fairs, boutiques, or specialty gift shops to reach your target audience.

From A Leather Belt To A Leather Yoga Mat Strap: 40 Fun DIY Leather Projects.

If you’re looking for a great idea for a new leather crafting project, check out the inspiration below.

1. Leather Belt

leather projects

A belt can be the perfect beginner project since it’s basically one long piece of material. And this product is always in high demand.

2. DIY Leather Luggage Tag

leather projects

Leather is a durable option for luggage tags. This project just requires a bit of material, and there are plenty of ways to customize it.

3. Leather Key Fob

If you’re looking for a small leather project, create a unique key chain design. You can even personalize it with initials or other decorations or text.

4. Leather Straps

leather projects

Straps can be used for everything from bags to shelves. This project is fairly versatile but is ideal for home decor brands.

5. Leather Yoga Mat Strap

leather projects

A more specific strap design, this yoga mat holder is simple yet practical.

6. Wallet

leather project ideas

A leather wallet can be classic or trendy. These items also make popular gifts.

7. Leather Coasters

leather project ideas

If you’re looking for a home decor product to add to your line, create small coasters with unique designs.

8. Bags

leather projects

There are a variety of purses and bags you can add to a fashion line using leather and other materials.

9. Leather Camera Bag

leather project ideas

Camera bags also require a tough material. And leather can add a bit of style to this accessory.

10. Leather Cuff

leather project ideas

Cuffs are basically simple bracelets that are perfect for those looking for a simple project.

11. Leather Flask

leather project ideas

If you want to add something fun and unique to your product line, consider a leather flask holder or a wrapped flask.

12. Leather Stool

leather project ideas

A leather stool can be a great way to add some larger pieces to a furniture or home decor shop.

13. Laptop Case

leather project ideas

A leather laptop case can add both style and substance while protecting customers’ devices.

14. Pencil Case

leather project ideas

Leather is the perfect material for a simple case you can use to carry around various office or art supplies.

15. Hair Accessories

leather project ideas

Use flexible pieces of leather to create bows or headbands for kids and/or adults.

16. Zip Pouches

leather project ideas

Create pouches in various sizes that people can use to store toiletries and other travel essentials while on the go. Pouches are the perfect item for anyone thinking of starting a craft business.

17. Makeup Brush Holders

leather project ideas

You could also create a more tailored design that keeps makeup brushes organized.

18. Cord Keepers

leather project ideas

Cord keepers are small pieces of leather that snap together to corral cords when they’re not in use.

19. Gift Tags

leather project ideas

Create small tags that people can use to put on special gifts. These will usually be customizable products, so you’ll need a way to add messages or initials.

20. Drawer Pulls

leather project

Help homeowners customize their fixtures by creating leather drawer pulls they can install on their own.

21. Earrings

There are tons of unique earring designs that you can make using leather, including tassels, dangle earrings, and simple studs.

22. Napkin Rings

If you want to make small, decorative items, consider selling napkin rings that customers can use when entertaining.

23. Magazine Racks

Attach leather to a wood or metal frame so people can use it to hold books and magazines.

24. Upholstered Cushions

Leather is a popular material for couches and chairs. You can even create small cushions that fit dining or accent chairs.

25. Catch-All Baskets

leather projects

These small containers can be used on nightstands or countertops to hold everything from jewelry to keys.

26. Wall Art

leather projects

Create a fun sign that customers can hang as decor on their walls.

27. Place Cards

leather projects

Offer customizable place cards that people can use at weddings or other special events when creating their seating charts.

28. Watch Band

leather projects

Craft bands that attach to various types of watches for those who want to customize their pieces.

29. Shoes

leather projects

Leather can be used for a variety of shoes. But the easiest option for those just breaking into this type of DIY is likely baby shoes.

30. Passport Holder

leather projects

Serve travelers by offering sturdy holders for their passports made out of stylish leather.

31. Tie Clip

leather projects

Tie clips are tiny accessories that won’t require much material and should be fairly quick to make.

32. Plant Labels

leather projects

Make small labels that can go around a plant pot or even stick up out of the soil with names of each houseplant, flower, or herb stamped onto the leather.

33. Dining Chairs

leather projects

Dining chairs are definitely a larger and more involved project than many others on the list. But it’s still possible to DIY them and sell them locally or at special events.

34. Ottoman

leather projects

An ottoman is another larger project, but it can be ideal for those who sell at local markets or who have relationships with retail stores.

35. Basket Handles

leather projects

Basket handles can add both style and functionality to bins used around the home. And they’re fairly small and simple to make.

36. Storage Bins

leather projects

However, you can also make entire bins out of leather to bring even more of this style into various spaces.

37. Business Card Holder

leather projects

If you’re looking for a simple project to get started, a simple leather pouch can serve as a stylish business card holder.

38. Necklaces

leather projects

There are various popular necklace designs and styles that can work well with leather.

39. Pencil Caps

leather project instructions

Pencil caps are small covers that go over the tops of pencils to protect them in bags or pouches.

40. Backpack

leather projects

Leather backpacks provide a classic look and are on trend right now.

If you are looking for more inspiration, look no further than 50 craft business ideas.

What is leather crafting called?

Leather crafting, a time-honored skill, is often referred to as leatherworking or leathercraft. This age-old practice embodies the art of shaping and ornamenting leather into functional or decorative items.

What can I make with upholstery leather?

Upholstery leather, characterized by its robust thickness, is versatile for crafting. It lends itself well to creating a wide array of products.

Some popular items made using upholstery leather are spacious bags perfect for everyday use, adorable baby shoes that stand the test of time, sleek wallets that merge function with style, protective laptop cases, and beautifully crafted journals that encapsulate memories.

What Is The Easiest Thing To Make In Leather?

For those venturing into leatherworking for the first time or looking for quick projects, there are certain beginner-friendly items.

Small accessories like keychains are straightforward yet functional, coasters add a touch of elegance to any table setting, and hair bows provide a charming accessory for all ages. These projects serve as a great starting point to familiarize oneself with the medium.


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