Run It Past Legal First

legal cartoon

“Run it past legal.”

That’s one of those phrases you hear frequently and turning it around so that a runner-type person is actually running something past legal is a pretty logical cartoon to make.

Where this one tripped me up was the expression on the runner – specifically his mouth. When I sketched this he had a bit of a smile, but when I inked it, I thought maybe he shouldn’t be so happy about it. Maybe he’s asked to run things past people all the time and he’s tired of it. So it changed to a frown.

But while I was shading it I thought, “No, he should be more nonchalant about this. It’s a weird job, but it’s a job and he’s been doing it for a while. It’s a typical day, literally running things past people.” So then I fiddled in Photoshop until it looked right to me.

Now all of that might seem like overkill for one tiny expression line that really doesn’t impact the final joke, but it’s the kind of thing you think about a lot as a cartoonist and it’s a lot of fun.

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