Spotlight: Let’s Dress Up Specializes in Creating Magical Childhood Memories

magical childhood memories

There are many ways to create magical childhood memories. In fact, simply dressing up in fancy dresses around the house can make life feel like a fairy tale.

For Judy Famigletti, this childhood memory actually sparked a successful business idea. This is how Let’s Dress Up was born. Now, the company takes dress-up time even further with a dedicated location in NYC. Read about the company’s journey in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Provides a princess themed play and party space for kids in NYC.

Co-owner Samantha Myers told Small Business Trends, “The children choose from a wide selection of beautiful dresses, then match accessories (wands, purses, tiaras and jewelry), get their picture taken and sit down to a themed tea party on real china. We then have a story and craft and of course a dance party to round it out.”

Business Niche

Creating a magical experience.

Myers says, “We pay attention to all the details from the china at the tea party to the embellishments we hand sew on the princess dresses to the music playing in the background. We aim to make it a magical experience for the kids every time they step in the door and a stress-free, 5-star experience for the parents.”

How the Business Got Started

Because of magical childhood memories.

Myers explains, “My business partner, Judy, founded it 10 years ago based on her childhood memories of playing dress up in her attic.”

Biggest Win

Creating a successful partnership.

Myers says, “Judy and I joined forces 2 1/2 years ago. Our partnership has been everything we hoped for and more. We are now singularly focused on growing the business and will not stop until we reach world princess domination.”

Biggest Risk

That same partnership.

Myers explains, “It could have ruined the existing structure, alienated the customer base and been frustrating personally and professionally if we were not a good match. We have totally opposing skill sets which could have been problematic, but instead has made each of us flourish. She sews and uses a hot glue gun, I do Instagram and emails.”

Biggest Challenge

A major fire.

Myers says, “There was a fire several years back and the entire business had to be rebuilt from scratch. We got creative and reused things, moved things around on a shoestring budget and just made it work.”

She added, “COVID may be giving us a run for our money at the moment, but we plan to come out on the other side better than ever.”

Lesson Learned

Embrace small mistakes.

Myers explains, “All the small mistakes along the way have just taught us who we do (and do not) want to be.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Opening a second location.

Myers adds, “We would open a second location in New York City so we could bring our magic to the downtown crowd.”

Company Tagline

“Because once upon a time is now…”

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Image: Let’s Dress Up; Judy Famigletti and Samantha Myers

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