Lightspeed Capital Now Available for Small Retail Businesses

Lightspeed Capital

Lightspeed has made its Lightspeed Capital available for smaller retailers in the United States.

The offering comes from a partnership with Stripe. The alliance is designed to support small to medium-sized businesses.

Small retail businesses can now use Lightspeed Capital to acquire flexible financing of up to $50,000 per retail location.

Lightspeed Capital Now Available to Small US Retailers

Lightspeed Capital helps small retailers buy inventory, invest in marketing, and manage cash flows, stimulating overall business growth.

What stands Lightspeed Capital apart from other more traditional financial institutions is the fast and efficient approval process. This streamlined approach allows small retail businesses to gain financial support almost immediately.

Digitally Transform Your Business

Founder and CEO of Lightspeed, Dax Dasilva, spoke about the benefits his company provides to retailers, saying:

“Lightspeed retailers have always outperformed the broader industry and this has been more apparent than ever during COVID-19 as these innovative merchants have leveraged omnichannel solutions to meet customer demand. The introduction of Lightspeed Capital is one more tool to help them digitally transform their business and continue to outpace the industry.”

Small Business Benefits

The availability of this capital to small retail businesses would be advantageous at any point. Such benefits are especially prevalent in the wake of the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown up. Lockdown and social distancing measures have placed enormous pressure on small businesses. Many businesses have witnessed customer numbers and revenue plummet in recent months.

Lightspeed Capital can help small retailers to continue operations and even expand as the economy reboots. Businesses can achieve such success with a variety of omnichannel solutions combined with flexible financial aid.

Lightspeed has been innovating new ways of supporting retailers during these unprecedented times. Along with the capital now available to smaller retailers in the US, Lightspeed provides advanced retail features. Such features include Mobile Tap, Digital Wallet and Analytics Core.

Fast and Flexible Capital Funds

The fast and efficient approval process eliminates lengthy applications and collateral obligations, with approved funds usually deposited the next day. Approval is typically based on a retailer’s history with Lightspeed payments. It also draws on data from Stripe’s global business network.

As well data-driven eligibility leading to fast approval, Lightspeed Capital provides options for automated and flexible repayments. A percentage of daily sales automatically gets repaid against borrowed amounts. Subsequently, repayments are kept flexible to suit the needs of the business.

Accessible Reporting

Lightspeed Capital also features accessible reporting. This enables retailers to review how much has been repaid in real time with data built into Lightspeed’s software. With Lightspeed Capital, retailers can benefit from a seamless platform to manage both payments and capital funds.


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