Lingpad X Gorgias: The Unbeatable Duo for Ecommerce Support Agents to Overcome Language Barriers

Ecommerce Customer Support

71% of customers want brands to reply to their queries in real-time. For 73% of customers, trust in companies today matters more than it did previously. Additionally, 64% of the support professionals believe AI helps them personalize and improve the service they provide.

Quick, personalized responses in the customer’s own language help you build trust and fruitful relationships with them.

“Trust is a crucial commodity of customer service. When customers communicate with your brand, irrespective of the language, they expect proactive support that builds on trust gradually.” — said Ronak Thakkar, Founder and CEO of Lingpad.

Lingpad is an AI-powered translation automation tool that integrates with Gorgias, a specialized customer service helpdesk for eCommerce stores to deliver seamless AI-powered CX.

Lingpad’s integration with Gorgias empowers your eCommerce support team to speak your customers’ language with the power of AI. The Lingpad app for Gorgias will localize incoming queries and enable your agents to reply to customers in their native language within seconds.


Lingpad Streamlines Your eCommerce Support Communication

The built-in automations in Lingpad allow you to communicate with customers in 120+ popular global languages. This helps bridge the communication gap between your customers and service reps and streamlines the eCommerce support interactions. Lingpad also empowers you with:

Auto Detection of Conversation Language: Lingpad will auto-detect the language of incoming support tickets inside Gorgias and instantly translate them into the agent’s preferred language.

Human-accurate AI Translation: Lingpad’s human-like AI translation allows you to respond to online shoppers’ queries in their native language. Your support reps can type a reply in their preferred language; Lingpad will translate and send the response to shoppers automatically.

Resolve Customer Queries Faster: Lingpad’s automated systems will translate to-and-fro messages with customers in real time. It only takes a few seconds to translate and reply to your customers, increasing first-contact resolution and improving ticket handling time.

Boost Agent Productivity: Eliminate manual translation and automate support ticket localization for higher efficiency. Lingpad also allows agents to add known languages in addition to their default language. This helps them to increase their productivity further as well as reduce translation costs.

Increase CSAT, NPS, LTV: The instant and automated nature of the support conversation translation will help increase customer satisfaction. Since customers receive responses in their native language, your CSAT, NPS, and LTV are likely to soar high.

Go Beyond with Unmatched Functionality and Flexibility 

The Lingpad integration for Gorgias goes beyond automation to offer simplicity, flexibility, and security. Being a high-rated multilingual customer support tool in G2, Lingpad offers an unmatched amalgamation of functionality and flexibility:

‘NO-CODE’ Seamless Integration: Connecting Lingpad with your Gorgias platform is effortlessly smooth and requires no coding or technical expertise. There’s no complex setup process, so you can start translating support communication in just a few clicks.

Pay-as-You-Grow Pricing: With pay-as-you-grow pricing, you pay only for the words you translate. There’s no upfront cost or hefty pricing you would have to pay, allowing you to scale your translation needs as and when required.

Save Time and Costs: Lingpad helps cut down on translation time and costs, not features. Save up to 50% on translation costs with Lingpad’s word-based pricing compared to character-based pricing of their competitors.

Preserve Cultural Nuances: With Lingpad, you can ensure that the cultural preferences of your customers’ native language are preserved during translation. You can add a glossary, select a translation tone, and contextualize the message to maintain the authenticity and cultural sensitivity of your customer interactions.

PII and Data Protection: Lingpad prioritizes the protection of customers’ sensitive and personally identifiable data with translation preview mode. It also follows the GDPR’s international data protection standards and complies with ISO 27001.

Automate Your Multilingual Support Communication 

Lingpad’s integration with Gorgias is set to revolutionize your multilingual customer communication. The built-in automations include instant language detection and translation of messages, making it easier for your monolingual support reps to communicate with customers in their native language.

With Lingpad by your side, you can meet customers’ expectations and even respond to them in real time in their native language. This enables Gorgias users to confidently expand into the global markets, build stronger relationships, and unlock the potential of multilingual customer communication.

Ready to revolutionize your multilingual customer support? Visit Lingpad and Gorgias today to learn more about the integration and how it can benefit your business.

About Lingpad 

Lingpad is an AI-powered customer support translation automation tool that simplifies multilingual communication for businesses. By leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, It empowers companies to deliver exceptional customer service in over 120 languages, boost agent productivity, and save considerable translation costs.

About Gorgias 

Gorgias is a specialized customer support and helpdesk platform empowering eCommerce brands with AI-powered CX. Trusted by 15000+ merchants worldwide, it enables eCommerce brands to deliver unified customer experience, save time and money, and offer great support with the power of AI.

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