Link Drop Lets Entrepreneurs Sell Digital Assets Without Taking a Commission

More people now have a side hustle in addition to their full-time jobs than ever before. CASHDROP wants to help these entrepreneurs monetize their side hustle with a new feature it calls LINK DROP.

LINK DROP is going to allow creators to start selling digital goods quickly while bypassing digital marketplaces. This means no more hefty commissions, which can start at 30% for some of the more popular app stores. For individuals with the right skillsets, it means keeping more of the money they make through their hard work when selling their digital assets.

Link Drop Lets You Sell Digital Assets with No Commission

Digital technology now makes it possible for people to start their own business/side hustle and sell their digital assets. And this has created great opportunities for full/part-time business.

In the release for LINK DROP, Ruben Flores-Martinez, Founder and CEO of CASHDROP, says “We’ve fundamentally changed the economics of e-commerce platforms to enable dreamers to start the businesses they’ve always wanted to. We simply want to help people sell more, faster.” Adding when entrepreneurs make more, his company makes more.


CASHDROP is a payment network that allows your small business to sell and collect mobile payments from your customers for free. It also tracks sales and inventory. This is a great option for small restaurants that no longer want to pay the high fees of third-party payment solutions. But event organizers, freelancers, designers, and all side hustlers can use it to start selling and accepting payments.

LINK DROP gives entrepreneurs a platform for selling digital assets that is ready for instant consumption. Additionally, it makes it possible to take orders for content customers can customize. All you have to do is upload your asset. And when your customers pay for it, you send them a link to download the content. Starting a business is as easy as downloading the app and start selling without inventory constraint, logistical problems, and other friction.

Affordable Payment Solutions

The pandemic is highlighting the cost of doing business online when it comes to third-party payment fees. For many small businesses, such as restaurants, each online order, delivery and pick up puts a dent in the bottom line.

CASHDROP is an affordable payment option. Small businesses can use it to save money as more people pay online for the products and services they purchase.

You can download CASHDROP from the App Store for free.


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