Link Exchanges Out, Ezine Articles In

Inbound links are still king when it comes to getting good search position on the Web.

Due to changes in Google’s search algorithms, however, webmasters have had to change their approach over the past year for building inbound links.

In the past a proven method to build inbound links was to request link exchanges, i.e., contacting other webmasters and agreeing to exchange links. Today there is a school of thought suggesting that link exchanges are discounted by Google. As a result, the practice seems to be falling out of favor, at least in some camps.

In its place we have seen a spike in a different practice: publishing free articles to build links. The reason: content-related links are considered more valuable. A discussion thread at the WebProWorld forum asks the question of how long the current practice of creating free articles is likely to last.

Bella Online offers a list of 100 sites where you can submit articles. Most of the time, you can submit an article to one of these sites and others can reproduce the articles provided they link back to the author’s

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