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linkedin headline examples

Whether you’re using LinkedIn to launch your career, expand your opportunities or network with like-minded professionals, it’s vital to create an attractive and engaging profile, including an effective LinkedIn headline. Not only is your headline one of the most visible elements of your Linkedin profile, but it’s one of the first things users see in their LinkedIn search results.

Exactly what is a LinkedIn headline, and how can you ensure your own headline stands out among the masses? What makes an effective LinkedIn headline?

What is a LinkedIn Headline?

On LinkedIn, a headline is the short description appearing just under a user’s name. For many, the headline simply states their current job title, but an effective LinkedIn headline can communicate so much more. Job seekers might utilize their LinkedIn headlines to promote their background and skills, while a sales professional’s headline could employ keywords designed to boost networking opportunities.

Regardless, everyone from LinkedIn influencers to small business owners should select a headline that gives their target audience a reason to connect with them. What do you most want other LinkedIn users to know about you?

What to Include in a Great LinkedIn Headline

What makes a great LinkedIn headline? What are some effective LinkedIn headline examples? Remember, your headline is more than just your job title, especially if you want it to boost your LinkedIn search appearances. An effective LinkedIn profile headline should include the following attributes:

  • Job titles or skills – Who are you, and why should another LinkedIn user connect with you? While your LinkedIn headline is more than your exact job title, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t include your job title, professional background or specific skills. Be brief, LinkedIn headlines only allow for 120 characters.
  • Relevant keywords – If you want to appear in more LinkedIn searches, you should focus on LinkedIn SEO when composing your headline. Be sure to include relevant keywords that relate to searches by your target audience in which you might want to appear. Some users will even include hashtags in their headlines on LinkedIn.
  • Clarity – You might be tempted to say as much as possible in your 120-character allowance, but it’s important your LinkedIn headline is written clearly. Most users will spend only a couple of seconds glancing at the headline, and if they have to decipher your meaning, they’ll likely keep scrolling.
  • Simplicity – Most LinkedIn users aren’t going to spend time pondering what you’re trying to say in in the headline of your LinkedIn profile. Use simple language, and keep your message short, sweet and to the point.
  • Creativity – Clear and simple doesn’t mean dull and boring. If you want to ensure your LinkedIn profile stands apart, it’s important to create a unique headline. After all, there’s no one headline formula that works best for everyone. Creatively write a headline that sets your profile apart from even the best examples. Consider briefly describing your core values or other attributes that set you apart as a professional.

Things NOT to Include in a Good LinkedIn Headline

Just as there are ways to improve your LinkedIn headline, there are plenty of ways to make it worse. Whether you’re setting up a new LinkedIn profile, or changing to a new headline to boost your networking, be sure and avoid the following:

  • Unprofessional language – If you are using LinkedIn to pursue professional opportunities, then it’s important your profile remain professional. Avoid inappropriate language, religion, politics and other controversial topics. If you woudln’t say it during a job interview, leave it out of your potential LinkedIn headline.
  • Industry jargon – If you want to boost your LinkedIn search rankings and entice users to click on your profile, it’s important your headline is clear and simple, which means free of industry jargon that won’t carry much meaning to the larger population.
  • Negative language – Remain positive when crafting your LinkedIn headline. Instead of saying you’re unemployed, try phrases like, “seeking opportunities.” Highlight the positive aspects of your background and career, and avoid negativity.
  • Too much information – Remember, you are limited to 120 characters, and plenty of users will read even fewer. You shouldn’t try to use your LinkedIn headline as a miniature version of your resume. Choose two or three of the most important aspects you’d like your target audience to know about you.

Small Business Owner Headline Examples for LinkedIn

Small business owners compose LinkedIn headlines for a variety of reasons, including attracting more clients, soliciting new employees and networking with competitors and colleagues. To stand apart, it’s important for a small business owners’ LinkedIn headline to be as effective and unique as their businesses.

Are you a new business owner, a founder, CEO or managing director looking to craft the perfect professional LinkedIn headline? The following examples can serve as a guide.

1. Michal Eisikowitz, Thorough but Direct Headline

CopyTribe founder Michal Eisikowitz‘s default LinkedIn headline communicates a variety of information in a few short words. Eisikowitz’s headline efficiently tells viewers what she does and what she has to offer, while even effectively promoting her free e-course at the same time.

2. Dave Jackson, Professionally Passionate Headline

Visitors to Dave Jackson‘s LinkedIn profile instantly know what he brings to the table. Jackson’s headline summarizes his professional background and professional values in a simple phrase. Not only does he highlight his passion, but Jackson also notes important professional accomplishments.

3. Josh Turner, Clear but Concise Headline

It takes less than one second to know Josh Turner is a bestselling author and founder of a company from glancing at his LinkedIn headline. Turner uses clear language and strong descriptions to capture his professional background in just a few words.

4. Laura Belgray, Attention-grabbing and Unique Headline

Small business owner Laura Belgray‘s LinkedIn headline has a unique value, and captures attention with a single sentence. Rather than focus on a job title, skills or mention of her business, Belgray entices viewers’ interest by focusing on her company newsletter. If her LinkedIn goal is to attract interest in her newsletter, mission accomplished!

LinkedIn Headline Examples for Salespeople

Before salespeople can promote a brand, they have to promote themselves. When shopping for products and services, people want to know who they are dealing with, and a LinkedIn headline is a great start to accomplishing that goal. Because a salesperson’s purpose for being on LinkedIn will be different than a job seeker’s objective, their LinkedIn headline will use keywords supporting those goals.

5. Ryan Reisert, A Personal Touch Headline

An effective LinkedIn headline calls for engaging description that set the profile apart, especially in the uber-competative sales sphere. In his headline, brand ambassador Ryan Reisert employs subtle humor in describing his experience.

6. Sam Feldotto, Focus on Keywords Headline

In this great example, sales executive Sam Feldotto places a heavy focus on the right keywords he wants associated with his profile. LinkedIn’s search algorithm is sure to appreciate the focus, and users of the platform quickly can discern Feldotto’s professional background.

7. Alex Boyd, Straightforward and Professional Headline

RevenueZen founder Alex Boyd‘s LinkedIn headline is professional and straightforward, consisting of his job title, company name and a simple statement of his services. The style will appeal to both LinkedIn users and the platform’s search engine.

8. Matt Macnamara, Engaging and Emotive Headline

Some LinkedIn headlines are so unique they stand out without any professional description. Not only does Matt Macnamara engage LinkedIn users by including emojis in his headline, but the sales professional’s entire headline consists of engaging questions designed to generate interest in his services.

LinkedIn Headlines for HR Managers

Human resources professionals such as recruiters and HR managers often use LinkedIn with very different goals from the general population. Instead of promoting their own careers, they visit LinkedIn to recruit other talented users. Thus, their headlines will take different approaches and focus on different keywords than those of a job seeker or salesperson.

9. Vanessa Castillo, Standout Skills Headline

LinkedIn users with stand-out skills should highlight them in their headlines. In this professional headline example, HR director Vanessa Castillo has focused on her bilinguality.

10. Mandy Emory, Clear and Complete Headline

There’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of all 120 characters, or close to it. In her LinkedIn headline example, HR professional Mandy Emory not only highlights her current job status, but her professional values and experience.

11. Ariel LaChance, Short and Sweet Headline

There’s nothing wrong with stating your objective in your LinkedIn headline. HR professional Ariel LaChance‘s headline invites LinkedIn users to join her company’s team, openly inviting a connection.

LinkedIn Headlines for Job Seekers

LinkedIn is one of the most popular platforms for users actively seeking their next job, and millions of users regularly visit the social network in search of employment opportunities. Headlines are of particular importance to job seekers, as they serve as a primary introduction to each recruiter and hiring manager. The following headline examples for job seekers will help users secure more job offers from their LinkedIn profile.

12. Dana Trent, To-the-Point Headline

Job seeker Dana Trent gets straight to the point in her LinkedIn headline, telling the world that she’s looking to find jobs. Trent leaves her options open by suggesting the field of office administration without additional detail.

13. Celest Worden, Descriptive Yet Simple Headline

Celest Warden introduces herself as talented, creative and professional… all sought-after qualities in a job applicant. Her LinkedIn headline also ensures users know she’s job searching by clearly stating that goal.

14. Sean Smith, Multi-talented Headline

Some professionals have talents in a variety of areas, and Sean Smith must consider himself part of that group. His LinkedIn headline hits the pertinent keywords by clearly listing his professional roles before stating that he is seeking opportunities.

15. Beka Romanies, Past and Present Headline

Some LinkedIn profiles boast headlines that could serve as a miniature resume. In her LinkedIn headline, Beka Romanies lists her previous position, her job title and a statement that she’s job hunting. Need she say more?

LinkedIn Headlines for a Recent Graduate

Whether they are looking for career coaching or trying to impress hiring managers, recent graduates turn to LinkedIn for important networking opportunities. While a current college student or recent graduate might be merely starting down their career path, and they might not have an extensive resume to capture recruiters’ attention, they can make a statement with a great headline attached to their profiles.

16. Montana White, Eager and Willing Headline

In just a few words, student Montana White demonstrates an important employment quality, a willingness to learn. By also stating that she’s seeking opportunities, she ensures her profile will appear in recruiters’ searches.

17. Forrest Harrell III, Geographic Headline

Looking for opportunities in a specific geographic region? Be sure and include this vital information in your LinkedIn headline, much as fresh graduates like Forrest Harrell, III has done on his profile. Not only will this information save Harrell and recruiters in other regions time, but it will promise his profile appears in more searches of his local area.

18. Natalie Garner, Recent Grad Headline

If up until recently your job title was, “student,” there’s nothing wrong with highlighting your recent graduation in your LinkedIn headline. Recent grad Natalie Garner‘s headline focuses on her education, her industry and her job seeker status.

Use these Examples to Inspire Your Own LinkedIn Headline

The above examples can act as a guide to create an effective LinkedIn headline, but it’s important for professionals to add their own unique twists. After all, there are no exact LinkedIn headline formulas. Craft a headline with the elements that best serve your objectives using these and other LinkedIn profile tips.

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