What is LinkedIn Live and How Can It Help Your Company?

linkedin live

LinkedIn recently announced some updates to LinkedIn Pages. These include the ability to stream live video. LinkedIn Live originally launched last year for individual accounts. But this is the first time it’s going to be available for Pages.

Use it on your own LinkedIn page or your company’s profile. Either way this feature has the potential to make a major impact on your company’s LinkedIn strategy.

In fact, the social networking platform for professionals says that LinkedIn Live broadcasters see seven times more reactions. And they get 24 times more comments than users who post standard videos.

What Is LinkedIn Live?

LinkedIn Live serves as a dynamic avenue for professionals and businesses to engage with their network in real-time.

Born out of the increasing demand for interactive content, LinkedIn introduced this livestreaming feature, echoing similar live video options present on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. However, what differentiates LinkedIn Live is its professional context.

Users have to rely on various third-party streaming solutions to produce their content. Once they go live, the video is broadcasted not just as a fleeting moment, but as a real-time professional seminar, workshop, or discussion, allowing immediate and direct engagement with the audience.

Such interactions break the boundaries of traditional content, fostering deeper relationships and establishing thought leadership within the platform’s professional framework.

linkedin live Features of LinkedIn Live:

  • Livestreaming option for LinkedIn.
  • Uses third-party streaming tools for content creation.
  • Broadcasts video content in real time.
  • Allows direct interaction with viewers.
  • Provides higher engagement rates compared to standard videos.

Some big names have found interesting ways to make use of it since its launch. For example, Best Buy used it to feature an interview with the company’s CEO. And Emirates NBD hosted an ask me anything session to interact with customers.

How to Create a LinkedIn Live Stream

Before you can go live on LinkedIn, you need to apply for approval using the platform’s online form. Once you’re approved, you’ll receive an email that will direct you toward the approved streaming platforms you can use.

Choose the one that best suits your needs and sign up for an account. Then connect that service to your LinkedIn account.

From there, log into your streaming tool and start your live video. You should also be prepared to interact with viewers on LinkedIn, since that’s one of the main benefits of livestreaming in general.

Of course, it’s also a good idea to have a script or general outline so you can make sure your video content is contributing to your company’s goals on the platform.

Steps to Create a LinkedIn Live Stream:

  • Apply for approval using LinkedIn’s online form.
  • Upon approval, choose an approved streaming platform and connect it to your LinkedIn account.
  • Log into the streaming tool and initiate your live video.
  • Interact with viewers and adhere to a script or outline for the video content.

linkedin live

10 Ways to Use LinkedIn Live

Answer Questions

The interactive nature of LinkedIn Live distinctly sets it apart from other social media platforms. Engaging in live Q&A sessions doesn’t just offer a platform to address questions—it becomes an arena where businesses or professionals can showcase their expertise and thought leadership in real time.

By delving deep into frequently asked industry-specific questions, it reinforces your position as an industry expert, while also offering transparency and immediacy to your audience, deepening trust and relationships.

Showcase Special Events

Being present at or orchestrating major industry events is a testament to your brand’s significance. Leveraging LinkedIn Live amplifies the resonance of these occasions.

Whether you’re sharing keynote speeches, behind-the-scenes access, or panel discussions, livestreaming invites your network to virtually be by your side, experiencing the event’s atmosphere and insights.

This not only extends the event’s accessibility but creates a foundation for attendees to consider firsthand participation in subsequent events you host or endorse.

linkedin live

Introduce Team Members

In an era where authenticity reigns supreme, introducing the human element of your brand is more pivotal than ever. Showcasing team members, whether through casual chats or structured profiles, offers a nuanced perspective of your brand’s DNA.

It’s not just about roles and responsibilities; it’s about journeys, experiences, and stories that mold the collective brand ethos. Engaging your LinkedIn audience with these narratives bridges the gap between corporate entities and genuine human connections, fortifying trust and fostering a sense of community.

Show Off Workplace Culture

A company is much more than its products or services—it’s a melting pot of values, traditions, and ethos. LinkedIn Live can serve as a candid lens, giving viewers direct access to the heart of your operations.

Showcasing everything from brainstorming sessions and team-building exercises to festive celebrations or unique office traditions can provide a comprehensive view of your organization’s essence.

Such transparent glimpses can not only attract prospective talent but can resonate with clients and partners, reinforcing alignment of values.

Announce New Products or Services

The excitement of launching a new product or service is palpable, and there’s no better way to intensify this than through the immediacy of livestreaming. Teasing the audience with glimpses, countdowns, and hints leading up to the main reveal can create a palpable atmosphere of anticipation.

Hosting a live launch ensures that your audience is not just passive viewers, but active participants, offering instant feedback, asking real-time questions, and being part of the launch’s success narrative.

linkedin live

Demonstrate Products or Services

In an era where customers value transparency and clarity, showcasing your product or service in real time can be immensely impactful. This interactive demonstration offers viewers a chance to visualize the product’s utility, its features, and benefits.

The live format also opens a direct channel for immediate feedback and questions, offering a unique blend of product demo and customer support, especially invaluable for intricate software tools or multifaceted products.

It’s almost like hosting a workshop where participants can get hands-on understanding, while remotely seated.

Discuss Industry Issues

In the ever-evolving professional landscape, staying updated on industry trends and debates is paramount. Leveraging LinkedIn Live to discuss these hot topics not only positions you as an informed voice but also nurtures a community of like-minded professionals.

By dissecting, debating, and deliberating over industry-specific issues, you’re essentially hosting a dynamic, digital roundtable. It enhances your brand’s reputation as a thought leader and opens avenues for collaborations and partnerships.

Interview Industry Experts

Hosting a tête-à-tête with industry stalwarts can be a goldmine of insights and knowledge. The beauty of a livestreamed interview is the spontaneity and authenticity it brings. Your audience gets a dual advantage: absorbing expertise from the guest and simultaneously interacting with them.

It’s almost like hosting a live podcast or a webinar. Such sessions can be further enriched by incorporating audience questions or running polls, making it a two-way engagement and exponentially increasing the chances of the content being shared across networks.

linkedin live

Share Tips or Tutorials

In the age of ‘how-to’ content, tutorials hold a significant place in a user’s online consumption pattern. On LinkedIn, where the primary audience is professionals, sharing industry-specific tutorials can be a game-changer.

Whether it’s elucidating the nuances of a new software integration, guiding through the labyrinth of digital advertising dashboards, or offering tips on curating compelling presentations, such sessions provide tangible value.

They’re not just videos; they’re skill-enhancement sessions which attendees can directly apply in their professional lives.

Start Recurring Series

Consistency is key in content creation. Launching a recurring series on LinkedIn Live is akin to hosting a weekly or monthly digital rendezvous. Whether it’s ‘Tech Tuesdays’ or ‘Finance Fridays,’ having a fixed schedule ensures your audience knows when to tune in.

This also aids in building a dedicated viewer base, akin to a TV show’s fanbase. However, the onus is on the content creator to maintain the series’ quality and relevance.

Continuous promotion, reminders, and teasers in the run-up to each episode can make all the difference, ensuring the series remains an anticipated event in your audience’s calendar.

linkedin live

10 Effective Strategies for LinkedIn Live Engagement

For those looking to maximize the potential of LinkedIn Live, here’s a breakdown of 10 strategies you can employ, along with their descriptions and benefits:

Answer QuestionsInteract with followers in real time and address their queries.Builds trust and provides direct solutions.
Showcase Special EventsShare experiences from industry events.Offers exclusive insights and increases FOMO.
Introduce Team MembersProvide introductions and fun facts about your employees.Humanizes your brand and strengthens team branding.
Show Off Workplace CultureGive a behind-the-scenes view of your workspace.Attracts talent and showcases company values.
Announce New Products or ServicesLive reveal of new offerings.Builds anticipation and excitement among followers.
Demonstrate Products or ServicesDisplay how a product/service works with real-time clarifications.Educates customers and addresses potential confusions.
Discuss Industry IssuesEngage in conversations about trending industry topics.Establishes authority and fosters professional connections.
Interview Industry ExpertsStream conversations with industry influencers.Provides valuable insights and expands reach.
Share Tips or TutorialsOffer how-to guides or actionable insights catered to a B2B audience.Educates followers and positions the brand as a resource.
Start Recurring SeriesOrganize a regular livestreaming schedule, promoting it in advance.Ensures consistent engagement and builds a loyal audience.


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